How To Get Fruit Trees To Blossom & Produce Fruit |Update

Fruit Tree Blossoms

Well I’ll be darned my fruit trees have blossoms, and all because I used this old timers method (just click to read my earlier post). Finally after 5 years of nothing but green leaves the trees are loaded with pink and white blossoms. I’m assuming, as long as we don’t get a frost, I will have fruit this year. Oh I guess I also need to think about the bees and pollination. So I’m assuming if there’s no frost, but bees I will see fruit. I’m ecstatic, and amazed that beating the trees really worked. 

Fruit Tree BlossomsNow I need to get out my garden site map too see what tree is planted where so I can anticipate what fruit we will be getting. Do you do that too, have a map of what’s planted where? For me I have to or I’ll never remember from year to year what is where. I did lose 3 fruit trees over the winter so I may need to plant something new for cross pollination, but for now I’m just thrilled to see the trees in bloom. I guess when I threatened to cut them all down they listened and started behaving. 




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  1. Yay! I remember your post about whacking the trees. lol. Glad sometimes that putting on your crazy is a good thing!

    1. Melissa, I know Im stunned that it worked and glad I have the knowledge. Some day they will be calling me the old timer that told the crazy story about beating my trees, lol.

  2. Yep, that is a great trick. My Uncle taught me that one and said it was my Grandfather that taught him. It works on many plants, even tomatoes that are not producing. I usually don’t have an issue with that but one year I did, so I did take the switch to it. of course with the more tender plant you don’t use a two by four , lo and behold it started blooming and produced like gangbusters the rest of the year. I am so glad it worked for you. My struggle with my fruit trees is not getting them to bloom, it is the weather freezing off the blossoms in a Spring freeze, which do come in May around these parts. So it is a gamble each year but I love my peaches, apples, pears and apricots fresh from my tree. They taste sooooo much better than what you get at a store.

  3. I am having the same problem but some of ours bloom but no fruit. When did you beat your trees, what time of year? Or does it matter?

    1. Yes Debbie beat the trees while they’re still dormant in my area Michigan I do it February or March. Just do it before the leaves fully come out for the year. It worked like a charm I’m loaded with fruit this year.

  4. I’m so glad I found this post! I’ve had the same issues with my fruit trees and was wondering what I was doing wrong. I think I’m a little too late this year, but will try this for next year! Thanks for the info!

    1. Jenny I thought I was to late last year too but my cousin said to go ahead and try beating the tree. I did and we had fruit. I don’t think you can hurt it so I’d try.

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