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12 Planter Ideas For A Pop Of Color

As I wait, I dream of flower filled pots spilling over with glorious color. And thats exactly what I’m doing right now; waiting to transplant all those flowers I’m growing from seed indoor under my grow lights.

It will be late May or early June before I dare in my neck of the woods after all dangers of frost are gone.

I thought you might enjoy dreaming with me and admiring all little flower power inspiration. I’ve noticed with all these planters no mater what the arrangement, how many varieties, or colors they’re all just stunning.

I always think I have to stick with light colored flower in my pots since our cabins stain is dark to give them the pop they need but last year I was more frugal, and will be this year too, and went with what I could find in 25 cent seed packets. (I’ll be back to share that with you next week).

Just adding a simple planter filled with flowers adds curb appeal to any dwelling space. If you don’t want to grow your own flowers from seed you can find planters already put together at any big box store or nursery. I’ve even went as far as to pick out the flowers I like in the small 3″ pots, haul along my planter and ask them at the garden center to put it all together for me. And guess what? They will do it!

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  1. Just anted to say “Thank You” for the flower seeds, Dawn. I envision them growing in the corners of my picket fence for all to enjoy!

    1. Linda, Great I’m glad you got them. I’m mailing out another batch today. They seem to be a hit! I’ll make sure and gather all my seeds this year and do it again next spring! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful flowers Cannot wait to see them growing in my yard Come on Michigan sunshine!!

    1. Jeanie, I walk several miles a day and today I got caught in the rain and was soaked by the time I got home. Im with you, I’m ready for some Michigan sunshine. The daffodils are up and about 4″ tall right now. Just waiting for them to bloom!

  3. Donna Boyd says:

    Thanks for the seeds. How sweet of you! We will see where they get planted – I have pots on my porch and decks, and I have corners of our fences where I plant flowers. So, wish us luck.

  4. Love your photo ~ you’re so pretty! Although yoga and cargo pants are comfy and the rage, it’s refreshing to see women when they put their best foot forward. Looking forward to trying your tomato sauce this year, and reading all your articles. It was a wonderful find this morning!

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