12 Ways to Decorate with Galvanized Buckets

Do you have a love for galvanized buckets and seem to
have several hanging around, like I do?
When I thrift or garage sale, I just can’t seem to pass up a 
good galvanized bucket.
I normally have no idea what I will do with them, but
they seem to follow me home anyway.
My favorite type are the really large ones that were used
as wash tubs back in the day.
If you are struggling with how to use your galvanized bucket
take a look at some of these great ideas.
1. Fill buckets with sand to hold up you party lights.
2. Attach a bucket to the back of your bike and fill with annuals.
3. Construct a Topsy Turvy Planter.
4. Wedding decor at the end of each isle.
5. Bucket filled with fresh wildflowers.
6. Bucket lighting as a statement chandelier.
7. Succulent fairy garden.
8. Candle centerpiece.
9. Outside wash station.
10. Outside shower.
11. Bottle bucket for holding cold soft drinks.
12. Under bed storage.


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  1. I was just looking at several different galvanized bucket pics on Pinterest and thinking that it would be fun to find some to use as decorations at my upcoming retirement celebration. The problem is they will have to be new (no time to hunt garage sales) and that won’t be as much fun as used.

  2. I don’t even know how many buckets I have. I like to use them indoors and out…kitchen, garden, etc.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. Love these ideas. My niece put her Christmas tree in one, and it looked amazing.

  4. I love the big round tubs and put flowers in them. I just bought one at the flea market in Indiana today:)

  5. I love this look! My dad has a watering can that belonged to my grandmother…I have hinted that I want it but so far he’s not giving it up! I would love to do an herb garden in galvanized buckets…maybe next year. :o)

  6. I saw a great idea on Pintrest where someone hung a wash tub from a shepards hook and then put flowers in it. Loved the idea and had all the components so off to the yard I went. I plopped a big basket of potted flowers in it and it’s a great addition to the backyard flower garden.

  7. What a cute round-up! I have a couple of galvanized buckets I’ve been wanting to use but haven’t been inspired. Of course, I especially love the last picture with the quilt, because of the quilt! ~Angela~

  8. I just love galvanized items and if it is a bucket, well, that’s even better! Love them both together. Nice ideas you posted here…

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  10. I bought a couple of galvanized buckets at the Habitat for Humanity on Friday, and now wish I’d purchased all they had.

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