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Neutral Paint & Slipcover Colors


Neutral Colors in a Log HomeIt’s hotter than ever here in Michigan which means I’m spending more time in the air conditioning and needed something to do. Of all things I picked the thing I hate the most, PAINTING! I popped into Lowe’s and gathered a bunch of paint samples in gray tones, off whites, and beige to help me make my decision.

Coffee Table VignetteLet me tell you gray is a hard one to get right, in my home it can look green or even blue depending on what I put it with or what time of the day I looked at it. The same with off whites, some look peachy and others have a yellow cast. I finally decided on Granite (dark gray), Almond (off white gray, light gray tone), Analytical Gray (a muddy concrete gray tone), and Dark Walnut (a brown black tone). 

Moca Slipcovers and Gallery WallPicking the paint colors alone was quite a challenge but I’m very happy with what I’ve picked. I swapped out the chair slipcovers for Mocha, and Gray on the sofa. I was really tired of bright colors in my home and neutralizing it makes it feel more homey to me. I know that sounds crazy, but maybe there more relaxing colors. 

Guitar and an Old School Desk with Queen Ann's Lace This will be the last slipcover change for me. JCPenney discontinued their Friday Furniture line so I won’t be able to get my hands on them again. That’s okay by me I’ll be ready for something new by then anyway. I’m still watching Ebay to see if anyone list the sofa slip in Mocha and the chair slips in Gray. If I see them I’ll purchase but I’m not holding my breath for them. 

Log Home Living Room in Neutral ColorsI was so disappointed to see the slips discontinued. JCPenney finally got them right, they’re now made from doeskin and have better zipper placement making them a breeze to change. I won’t even go back to my old colors, they are to hard to get on and my hands pain me for days after the swap. 

Neutral Colors in a Log HomeIf you follow me on INTAGRAM, you know I took my yellow barstools to the stripper to have the paint removed. They’ll have them for 2 weeks and once I get them back I plan on staining them. My plan is to NOT touch them with paint ever again. Then I have the yellow corner cabinet in the dining room to paint and the house will all be neutral tones. 

Coffee Table VignetteI’m also wanting to paint the kitchen island to a dark gray, probably the same gray as the coffee table legs but I’m chicken. I so love the off white, but it’s impossible to keep clean. I know it’s only paint and can be repainted at any time but for a girl who HATES to paint it sounds like a lot of work.  

Neutral Colors in a Log HomeBy the way I forgot to mention I did absolutely no staging in these photos. I decided to show you just how we live and what the place looks like on a daily basis. You may have noticed I didn’t even iron the slipcovers I just put them on wrinkles and all, and I swapped out the curtains for short sheers. I now the short curtains don’t look the best but the floor lenght ones get in the way of the air conditioning vents.  So I had to make a temporary change, I guess it’s not always about the look! 


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  1. Dawn, I loved your bright colors but this look is so beautiful too. I love the mocha and the grey together. It looks so pretty against all your wood logs. Looking forward to seeing more. I wish I lived closer I’d help you out. I don’t mind painting. 🙂

    1. Becky I would love your help with painting. We could make it a fun project the two of us. Yes I think the new colors work well with the logs and I feel like it will stay this way for quite some time. I’ll just mix it up with new pillows from time to time.

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, your new neutral colours look so soothing. I really love your slipcovers…such a great option to switch out the colours without buying new furniture.

    1. Cheryl I love slipcovered furniture whoever thought the idea up was brilliant. I think next time I buy it will also be slipcovered pieces.

  3. I like your short, breezy sheers at the windows. I was just lamenting the fact that I have spent so much money on longer length curtains (and my windows are not long!) just to get the LOOK of having them reach the floor. I don’t even love that look so you’ve inspired me to go shorter!

    1. Cindy I have long and I have short the short work better in the summer when the air is on. I found the long ones cover up the vent in the floor and the cool air travels up the window rather than into the room. I know designers say they should hit the floor but sometimes ya just have to do what ya like.

  4. Where did you get your slip covers? I love what you’ve done here! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Belinda they are from JCPenney but they no longer carry them, they’ve been discontinued.

  5. Kathleen G says:

    I like the neutral colors and you can always add pops of color when the seasons change. I need to paint the living room. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I’ve never found a paint project I don’t hate, and painting walls is the worst for me. It seems like a never ending task. Good luck with getting your living room painted.

  6. Love your neutral colors. Hanging pictures is what I dislike most about decorating and it is what I have been focusing on the last few weeks. My shoulders are definitely complaining. xo Laura

    1. Laura I would love to hang pictures. Lets swap for the day, LOL

  7. Beautiful new look Dawn!….and I love the “lived in” look….it says, a family lives here beautifully!
    Don’t you hate it when you love something and then it gets discontinued?! I do!!

    1. Shirley I’ve had the furniture for about 8 years now so I guess it’s time to get something new next time.

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