2011 Organization

Welcome to my messy home office/guest room.  Today is the day I will move all my 2010 files to storage and start fresh with 2011.  Yeah!! no more paper cuts trying to cram one more receipt into its given file.  By December everything is so full that I actually look forward to getting it organized and fresh again.
Everything on my desk is current projects, so they will need to stay.
 Before:  Files crammed full.
 After:  Files cleaned out and new folders ready to start 2011.
Here they are all packed up ready to put into storage.  Will have to hang on to them for seven years. (The only thing I keep around for seven years is the Husband, The Kid, and Receipts for the IRS.)
 After: Clean and organized desk.
 After:  Guest Room portion clean again.  I hate washing all the bedding in this room, the only one ever on the bed is the dog.
After: Another view of the Guest Room/Office.
I have an actual office, but it has been over run with shoes and accessories.  So it is now the shoe and jewelry room. Good thing I don’t have many guests.  I spend a lot of time in the office.

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  1. That’s a lot of organizing for one day! Amazing job (and I love that rug in your guest room).

  2. Another organized person and it’s only the 1st! I’m a slacker and not worthy. I do love your cozy guest bedroom, and if I’m ever in the area and you offer to put me up for the night, your beautiful dog can share the bed with me. I love dogs. Happy New Year!

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