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6 Easy Tips For Growing and Supporting Peonies

PEONY: A garden plant with large red, pink, white, or yellow flowers. Today is also the day I get together with the cozy living gals hosted by Jennifer. We share things we think you’ll be interested in and there’s more April ideas below; just click on the links to see what they are!



My favorite way to grow any plant is from a cutting, seeds, or bulb from a kind friends garden. Peony plants are quite expensive, and often times if you ask, a neighbor or family member will allow you to dig up, and divide a clump from their garden. FREE peonies!

Peonies Popping out of the Ground


Make sure you do this in the fall after the plants are done producing. Replant in your own garden 3″ deep and add minimal mulch to over winter. I do this the first season, while they get established, but after that I’m not as concerned about winter mulching. If it happens great, if not so be it.

Peonies, Vegetable Garden, Trellis, Raised Garden Bed


In my garden the peonies get morning and early afternoon sun. Around 3 every afternoon the sun moves behind a tree line that partially shades the garden. I find I get more blooms in the sunny location. Anywhere they get full shade will not do. You will get the green foliage but no glorious blooms.



Cut back spent blooms and stems. Sadly Peonies only last about 7-10 days and by deadheading it keeps the plant looking nice and healthy as they fade.

How To Support Peonies


Make sure and support those blooms. Peonies seem to be top heavy with blooms that will topple over if not supported. If you are in a windy area this is a must. Even a nice rain will knock them down. You can buy a peony specific trellis or make your own. I use a knee high nylon to support mine. Just tie it around the plant and because of the stretch the nylon has it will give with the plants movement yet stabilize it for support.

Peonies, Vegetable Garden, Trellis, Raised Garden Bed


Have that gather basket ready! If you are like me and enjoy cut flowers to decorate your home with you’ll want to bring these beauties indoors to enjoy them. The fragrance is strong and will fill the entire room with a slight sweet rose scent that’s just heavenly.

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  1. I took a cut from a friend about 5 yrs ago and they are doing fantastic! I do nothing to them other than enjoy the, It was her Grandfather’s peony plant from many years ago.

    1. Jeanie, yes they are so easy and no maintenance. Just my kind of flowers. Aw, how sweet; mine are from my granny too!

  2. LOVE peonies and I know what you mean about the sunshine. I have yellow peonies and wish I had pink ones, too. I got the yellow ones at a bargain price and bought 5 to create a mini hedge. In my opinion, they make the best cut flowers to bring indoors (except for the ants that always seem come along inside for the ride). Thanks for that knee-high nylon tip. I’m going to try that this year.

    1. Jennifer, If you’d like to swap some peonies just let me know. I have all 3 shades of pink and would love some yellow. I know what you mean about the ants. I try and cut them, place them in water, and leave them outside for a few hours in hopes the ant leave before I bring them in.

  3. I got my seeds that you mailed me and just wanted to say Thank You! It was so sweet of you to share with everyone. I’ll be planting here in Louisville, Kentucky around Derby Day. Can’t wait to see them grow. Thanks again!

    1. Diane, so glad you got them! Enjoy them, and thank you for letting me know they arrived.

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I received my seeds and wanted to thank you for your generosity..I hope they grow to be as beautiful as yours looked in the pictures you shared!!

    1. Nancy, Thank you for letting me know. Im so happy you got them!

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