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How To Add Curtains To Doors Without Tools

Add Sheer Curtains to French Doors Using Magnetic Curtain Rods and Sheer CurtainsHere in Michigan it’s been abnormally HOT, we’ve had several days in the 90’s and that’s very rare here. Normally we have 3 days a year that reach over 90 but we’ve already passed that number and looking at more of the same temps in upcoming weeks. For me that’s way to hot, I hate using the air conditioning it makes me feel like a caged animal that’s getting no fresh air.  

Colorful Dishes | Pioneer WomanThe good part is our nights get down in the 40-60 range which is great sleeping weather with all the windows open. So here’s what I’ve been doing, my own little experiment. I open up all the doors and window about 9 every evening and let all the cool air in, and when I get up in the morning I close all the windows to keep in the coolness. It works like a charm our air only comes on once all day. 

Add Sheer Curtains to French Doors Using Magnetic Curtain Rods and Sheer CurtainsI knew the french doors work like big magnifying glasses and let tons of light and heat into the house so I decided if I could filter that light it would stay much cooler in the house. My first thought was to hang matchstick blinds, so I went in search of the size I needed. 

Colorful Dishes | Pioneer WomanAfter looking around and realizing I’d have to put holes in the door to attach them I went to plan B. I found magnetic rods in black at Kmart (I was having my hair cut that day and it’s the only place in town to shop so I took a chance and stopped in to see what was available) and 63″ sheer panels fit perfectly to block the sunlight. 

Add Sheer Curtains to French Doors Using Magnetic Curtain Rods and Sheer CurtainsI decided to add a rod to the top and bottom of the sheer to keep it tight. It works like a charm, it blocks the hot sun but doesn’t make it dark in the house, and I can take it down once the 90 degree days let up without having done any damage to the door. 

Add Sheer Curtains to French Doors Using Magnetic Curtain Rods and Sheer CurtainsI don’t even mind the look, it’s something different for a change and I’m not stuck with it forever. Once the sun shifts to the other side of the house I take the bottom rod and slide it up the door making it look more like a balloon valance and I can see out over the back 40 again. 





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  1. I also live in Michigan. I did the exact same thing for my doors, except I ordered the curtains and rods through Amazon. They are easy to adjust yet stay in place…and the white sheers lend a bit of privacy. Last night I opened all of the windows and placed fans in two of them to encourage air flow. This morning I got up early and closed all of the windows and blinds. I will also close the door to the sun porch, since that room will get warm even with the blinds down. When it gets a bit stuffy, I’ll turn on a fan to circulate the air.
    Have you seen these curtain rods? I bought some in black and I really love them for my windows. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Twist-and-Fit-Decorative-Curtain-Rod-Satin-Nickel-7-16-rod-diameter/5700361

    1. Jenny I have those same rods you sent the link too in my kitchen, I love it when I don’t have to makes holes in anything. I do the same by closing things up during the day and we have 3 ceiling fans that circulate the air really well. I did turn the air on today around 4pm it was getting a little humid and I know my son works in the heat all day and prefers it to be cool when he gets home. When I can’t take the air I go out onto the porch and read for some fresh air. LOL

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Very good, I like that you don’t put holes in your beautiful doors. I’ve been visiting my mom in the high desert, the temps were hot enough for the ac to be on constantly. But there was a few times that we can open the windows at night. Fresh air is the best! In Phoenix where I live, well, in my cave for the next few months.
    Have a nice day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I couldn’t live where they use the air 24/7 I think Florida is the worst with the humidity. That type of weather makes it hard for me to breath and makes me feel exhausted all day. I’d like 75 with a breeze all summer long, if I had my ways.

  3. Awesome idea with the curtains. It is going to be hotter than blazes here in Missouri this week. It was a horrible rainy three day weekend as well. Your poor doggie, hope you see improvement!

    1. Debbie we need rain here so bad. I haven’t mowed my lawn in over a week 🙁 We are seeing improvment in the dog, hopefully enought that he won’t need surgery.

  4. Wooden doors? How do the magnetic rods stay up?

    1. Dee the doors are metal, wood doesn’t work well here with all our snow 🙂

  5. Very clever Dawn. That is great you can have the sheers and no holes in your pretty doors.
    Hope your pup is doing better.

    1. Kris how are you doing in that Florida heat? Loving it or not? Today the dog actually got up on her loveseat so that’s a step in the right direction. She’s loosing weight fast maybe to quickly but I can’t force her to eat. She even carried around one of her babies so I know she’s feeling better. It’s been 12 days today since the injury so I think the 14 day mark will tell how she’s going to be without surgery and we’ll decide from there.

  6. I am not far from you in Michigan!! Lovin this heat!! I noticed the beautiful yellow tall cabinet in the room and it looks just like the one my Son just gave me which needs repainted!! I believe it is a 1950’s cabinet??? any information on yours? Thanks!!

    1. Jeanie I’m just the opposite I hate the heat! The yellow cabinet came from a hardware store in Marshall MI, an older gentlemen stored parts in it and sold it to me for $20. I’ve painted it several times over the years and it’s due for an updated color now. I’m trying to neutralize the house. I’m not sure how old it is but the original paint color was a minty green tone.

  7. I would love to open my windows at night, but right now it is only going down in the 70s so it is too hot. Also the humidity is 100%. I hope we get a cool down soon. Great idea with the sheers and the magnetic rods. I didn’t know there was such a thing 🙂
    xo Laura

    1. Laura I don’t mind the heat as much as the humidity and it’s been awful here.

    1. Shirely I didn’t either until I went looking!

  8. I am literally leaving for Kmart now for the magnetic rods. Genius!! Thank you for sharing, Dawn. P.S. Love, love, love your pixie haircut!!! Happy Summer to you! 🙂 -Jill

    1. Jill thanks for commenting on the new haircut it sure is easy. Let me know how the shopping trip went!

  9. I have magnetic blinds on my doors in my family room. It’s a 9 pane door on top. I too didn’ t want to put holes in my door. I did put a little piece of paper towel under the corners where the magnets attach to the door. I didn’t want it to mark up the paint. I too live in Mi. It has been really hot!!

    1. Lorraine great idea to use the paper towels. I wonder if the magnet would be strong enough if you attached the sticky felt pads? Yes I’m over this heat….hate it.

  10. Felt pads might work. That’s a great idea. By the way….love your shutters! Stay cool.

    1. Lorraine I need to post a full shot of the shutters here soon, now that the 4th of July decorations are down.

  11. Sounds great! Your blog is checked everyday. Have a blessed Sunday.

  12. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, I never knew they made such a rod…what an excellent idea !

    1. Cheryl me either until I stumbled upon it and I love it!

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