See Where We added more storage to the laundry room

I’ve recently had a “Now Why Didn’t I Think of That” moment while occupying the restroom. I was studying the cupboards I had hubby put up over the laundry area and thought to myself, why didn’t I have a cupboard put in the small gap between the two other cupboards?

As I thought about it, I remembered thinking they didn’t make a cupboard small enough to fit that space. So I got out my trusty tape measure and decided to make some shelving to fit between the cupboards. Then I thought that space is just a smidgen over 12”, I bet they make a 12” upper cupboard.

Sherwin William Privilege Green Painted Laundry Room Storage

I hopped online and they DO make a 12” cupboard. I debated on whether to make the shelves, they would be free, or purchase a new cabinet. The new cabinet won out! It’s a smarter way to store things that may be an eyesore and it means not having to dust higher shelves.

Updating a Laundry Room By Removing the Shelves and Adding Painted Cabinets in Sherwin Williams Privilege Green

I was quite surprised with sticker shock at $70 for a 12” cabinet that was stapled together and made from pressed sawdust. Yikes, maybe I should have made my own. 

I’ve been spoiled with custom-made cabinetry from real wood in the rest of our home. And the part that amazes me is that the Amish did all our cabinet design and building with solid wood for less than I bought a cheaply made off-the-shelf cabinet. Now how does that make sense?

Laundry Room Mini Makeover, Painted Green Cabinets, Log Home

I painted the cabinet in my favorite color SW “Privilege Green”, took it into the bathroom for hubby to hang, and noticed the paint color didn’t match the previous two cupboards. Wow, I have had a lot of problems with Sherwin Williams paint lately and this is just another one to add to the list.

The only choice I had was to give the two existing cabinets a coat of paint from the new paint can. Ugh! Not what I had in mind but I went ahead and did it.

The next day after everything had dried hubby hung the cabinet and I gathered things from around the cabin to give the space a mini makeover. You know how I like to use what I have, and that’s exactly what I did.

Laundry Room Mini Makeover, Painted Green Cabinets, Log Home

Oh, I take that back I did buy a new ironing board cover. It was in desperate need. The old one was once a light blue that had faded and looked pretty sad I let myself purchase a new one. Everything else that I use for storage I already had. I even recycled my compost bin to hold my laundry pods. 

It always makes me happy to freshen up a room. I’m also contemplating painting the vanity. I’m tired of the wood stain, but I know there’s no going back once I paint it. 

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  1. Love how it looks, Dawn. Do you still have a spot for the hangers? And did I understand correctly that the Amish built all of the cupboards in your home for under $70?!!

    1. Jen, I have moved the hangers to a rod inside the shower. That bathroom’s tub is never used and if by chance we do have company I can move them to the guest bedroom temporarily. Wow 70 would have been a great bargain for our cupboards but sadly not the case. The one cupboard in the laundry room that I had to purchase was 70.

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