Adding the Ceiling to the Porch Part #2

Adding a Steel Ceiling to the Porch of a Log Home

I’m finally back to share with you part #2 of the porch ceiling. After I shared with you part one the weather took a turn for the worse again and the project got put on hold but this week it’s been in the 40’s so work started again. Hubby put the steel up as well as the trim, and it sure makes a difference in its appearance. I even noticed it’s lighter in the house from the reflection. I had the steel color matched to the window casing color; it’s a mushroom tan. It’s also the color of my front door and the storm door. So when I asked everyone’s advice for shutter color I think most of you picked tan because it matches the other features of the house.

Adding a Steel Ceiling to the Porch of a Log Home

Do you remember in my last post saying that all the tools and chaos going on makes me nervous? Well here’s an example with the deck chairs filled with tools. I will be happy when the work is done and I can get things back in order. I know things have to get a bit messy before they get better so I’m putting on my big girl pants and dealing with it.

Adding a Steel Ceiling to the Porch of a Log Home

Adding a Steel Ceiling to the Porch of a Log Home

At 40-degree temps it took forever for the stain to dry and it sure holds up progress waiting. I wanted to bring it into the house to do but hubby didn’t want to deal with the smell. Finally the sun came out and that helped immensely.

Adding a Steel Ceiling to the Porch of a Log Home

Our next project is to replace 3 logs in my office that have rotted. Luckily they are on the ground level and will be easy to get at. Once that’s done we are going to pressure wash the house, rechink, and restain. Oh and I forgot to mention we are also pouring all the concrete. My we have a busy summer of work to get done, but once it’s finished the house will be ready to sell in a moments notice.

Fabric in Gray, Black, White and Yellow

Here’s a peek at the fabric I’m using on the porch this year. I couldn’t find pillows in the colors I wanted so I ended up making my own. The next time I share the porch I will have it decorated for the summer (as long as we snow is actually over). 




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  1. It’s all going to be just gorgeous when complete! Would love to make our front porch larger/deeper so it is more useable Always projects going on here too…. it makes life so much fun! Love your fabric choices…. xo

    1. Diane hubby wanted our porch 2ft narrower and I said no way it makes it impossible to decorate or create a seating area, so for decorating purposes he went with what I wanted. Do the projects ever end?

  2. You are busy, busy, busy and it looks like it will continue for awhile to come. I love the new fabrics, can’t wait to see what you did with them. I’m hoping that spring has finally won out the battle over winter and it is warming up. Can’t wait for sandals and capris season 🙂

    1. Linda me too, Im ready to break out the flip flops but so far Im still wearing my Hunter boots. Lots of mud here and a damp yard. I did work outside all day yesterday in a sweatshirt so It’s warming up for sure.

  3. Loo!ks great Dawn…and love the colors you are using…reminds me of the colors that were used in the HGTV Smart Home porches!!!…beautiful..looking forward to the progress…have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Shirley I will have to look up the HGTV porch I don’t get the channel.

  4. Kathleen G says:

    What difference it made, much brighter. Oh Dawn, I wish I can share my weather here, you’ll get alot done. Love the colors you chose and will be looking forward to see the results.
    Have a productive day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I’ve been out working all morning. Have some painting projects done, laundry out, and getting the hummingbird feeder ready now.

  5. It looks great. It seem kind of sad to sell it after all the work you have put into it. Where will you be moving to?

    1. Theresa Im not sure when the sell will happen but we are ready to downsize and will be ready when that time comes. Im not sure yet where we’ll go hubby would like to go where it’s warmer but I hate hot weather so we will have to compromise.

  6. anita roth says:

    My husband is working putting the trim around the window above my kitchen sink.I hate that every time he works on it I have to move everything out or the way.Will be so glad when its all done! But you must take the bad with the good!

    1. Anita I know how you feel, Im in the same boat. I guess Im too much of a neat freak and like everything in it’s place. I even hover over him and try to clean up as he’s doing projects.

  7. That ceiling really looks great. I love the sunny fabric you chose. Can’t wait to see your pretty porch when you are done!!!

    1. Thank you Debbie I’m working on putting it all together this weekend.

  8. With everything done, will you still want to sell?

    1. Carol yes eventually. Im ready to downsize and not have the upkeep of a log home.

  9. Michele C. says:

    Love the fabric choices! I think your porch is going to look beautiful when it’s all done.

    1. Thank you Michele I’m glad to have it finished and for the first time ever Im happy with the fabric. Normally I think it’s just okay but this year I really like what I picked.

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