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Adding a Farmhouse Feel to the Kitchen

 I’ve been working on adding a little farmhouse flair to the cabin.

 I never could have imagined how hard this house would be to decorate, when we built it 3 years ago.

If  the hunting lodge look isn’t what you’re going for (and I’m not) it proves very hard.
The kitchen window was looking a little boring to me, and I was in need of a sunny spot to grow some potted herbs for Winter’s use.
So, what a good spot to start my Farmhouse look.
 I scrounged around the house for some leftover building materials and found  shelf brackets and a big, thick chunk of wood that would support potted plants.
Out came the ASCP and everything got painted to match the cupboards.
Next I dug into my vintage fabric stash for curtain making material. 
To fill the shelf for now, I added a few colorful vintage jars. 
The next step will be to dig up some roots from my herbs outside and hope they come back to life.  I’m looking for vintage tins to plant them in, so off to the thrift store this week in hopes of scoring some.
More changes in the kitchen coming up later in the week so make sure you stop back by.
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  1. They turned out adorable. I love the ric rac and I can definitely see the farmhouse look showing through. What a great spot for herbs.

  2. The fabric is so fresh looking and the painted shelf fits right in. Many early farmhouses were log cabins so with your talent you will have no problem making the two work together. Wishing you a great week, Dawn.

  3. Love, love your curtains! Our summer ‘cottage’ is in dire need for window treatments; I must pin this to remember for next year! Thanks for sharing. I just LOVE your home!

  4. Hi Dawn! Oh, I love your little shelf and the curtains you made. I have some glass shelves across my little kitchen window and so enjoy poking things on them. I just may to borrow your idea of some herbs.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. Hi Dawn! You sure went the right way with your window in the kitchen! I love the curtains with the ricrac so adorable! Can’t wait to see what else you do!

  6. Dawn – How precious!! They are just perfect – love the rick rack. So cute.


  7. Dawn, your curtains are so darn cute! I love the shelf with the canning jars too. I would never suspect you’ve had a hard time decorating. Your home is GORGEOUS!!

    Have a great week.

  8. I love the shelf! The curtains are adorable. I put a shelf above my kitchen window too and i love it.Your kitchen is gorgeous.


  9. I saw those curtains pinned on pinterest. They are adorable!!!

  10. Dawn, Oh I so love your curtains. The rick rack is my favorite. Would you be interested in making me some? Maybe we can swap curtains for some vintage linens! My sewing skills aren’t so great. I think your decorating is great and would never guess it is hard for you. Have a great day! Jean

  11. These are adorable. I love that you mixed fabrics too. Good luck on your search for tins. Knowing you, it will be an easy find!

  12. Dawn, I think it looks wonderful! You and I are both in that “farmhouse frame of mind.”

  13. I love the curtains, and that reminds me I need to bring in my herbs 🙂

  14. What sweet little curtains…love your fabric choice. Also, great idea for the shelf. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the letters you’re painting.

  15. Cute, cute! The curtains and the shelf are perfect and very cheerful!

  16. Oh my gosh, I just love that! Would love to do something fun like that in my desk area.

  17. LOVE that shelf and the bright and cheery curtains! 🙂

  18. Love the fabrics you chose for the curtains. I’m quite sure I need a shelf like yours.

  19. It’s going to be a beautiful window, with the pretty curtains and the herbs growing in the sunlight. 🙂

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