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Adding More Gardening Space With Raised Beds

Raised Garden Beds

I’m adding more growing space to the garden with raised beds.  My current garden has eight 4X8 raised beds; it’s always been just enough room for me to grow our veggies and sprinkle in a few flowers for color and to make arrangement with.  I’ve also had a raised garden in another location on the property that consisted of six 4×8 raised garden beds, exactly like the others.

I liked where they were located because we have a huge yard and it made a make shift divider for a portion of our yard.  I always planted my overflow veggies there but the location was horrible when it came time to water.

As we all know; gardens need water. I always did good in the beginning of the season keeping them maintained but at the summer wore on and the heat increased I quit dragging the hose for miles it seems to water them.

Raised Garden Beds

So this year I asked hubby if he’d mind picking up the beds and moving them to add to the existing garden. He said he thought they were to dilapidated to make the move and would just fall apart but I said it was worth a try. What’s the worse that could happen? They fall apart and he has to build new? That was going to be the plan anyway.

Raised Garden Beds

I was happy to see that all but one of the beds made the move successfully.  Yipee, we wouldn’t have to take the time or expense to build new ones.  Hubby put them all in place and I got the bottom lined with cardboard.  Here’s where all those Amazon packages come in handy.  I save the cardboard and use it as a weed barrier in the raised beds.  It works perfectly and I’ve used this method every time we build more beds.

Raised Garden Beds

Hubby then transferred the soil back into the beds.  I wanted him to use the existing soil because it was already loaded with chicken poop so no need to amend the soil.  As you look at my garden the beds with the fresh soil are the new ones, and the ones with straw in them are the old. I added the straw along with the poo to my garden as I clean the chicken coop over the winter.  

I’m so excited to have my entire vegetable garden in one location and I know I’ll make better use of the space now that it’s easier to care for. I’m itching to garden but know I still have a while here in Michigan before it’s planting time.  

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  2. I am loving our 80 degrees today!! Great idea for using cardboard for weed barrier We just laid 22 bags of mulch!!

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