Allergy & Sinus Essential Oil Capsule Recipe

Essential Oil Recipe For Allergy and Sinus Relief Spring is just around the corner and with it brings severe Allergy and Sinus problems for many of us. I used to suffer terribly when I was a kid, but after getting older and moving out of my childhood home my allergies seems to go away. After thinking back on it I think my troubles were because my Dad was a smoker on and off over the years. I truly believe what we eat plays a big factor in our congestion level and causes sinus problems for some that could easily be made better with diet change too. 

No matter why you have allergies or sinus trouble I believe treating it natural is the way to go. All of my adult life I’ve used only herbs and oils for myself and my family, my oldest son who’s 22 has never had a medication his entire life. I did take him for normal checkups but always treated him at home with homeopathic ways. 

I created this Allergy and Sinus Capsule Recipe for my friend Emily, the poor girl was having horrible allergy problems and was just miserable trying to get through a work day. I called her asked if she’d like me to make her an inhaler and some allergy capsules and she said, YES. So on her way home from work she stopped by to get them, took a capsule immediately and also used the inhaler. Within a few minutes she said she could already feel relief and I could tell by her eyes they didn’t look as tearful any more. I sent her home with capsules for another 3 days and she never even had to use them all, her symptoms were gone within two days. 

Here’s a little tip: If I make up more than a days worth of capsules at a time I keep them in a mason jar in the freezer and use them as needed. I still only like to keep a few on hand at a time. I want the oils to be fresh when I need them. 

You may want to get stocked up on the oils listed below if you suffer from Allergy and Sinus trouble. Don’t forget to follow my PINTEREST ESSENTIAL OIL BOARD for keeping all those recipe handy. 

Allergy & Sinus Relief Essential Oil Recipe
Allergy & Sinus
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  1. 2 Drops Young Living Lemon Essential Oil
  2. 2 Drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
  3. 2 Drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
  4. Size 00 Empty Capsule
  5. Fractionated Coconut Oil
  1. Add essentail oils to empty capsule, and top off with fractionated coconut oil.
  2. Take 2 per day, one in the morning and one in the evening until allergy or sinus symptoms are relieved.
  1. You can also use an inhaler made with Young Living Peppermint Oil along with the capsules as needed.
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  1. My brother and sister and I also grew up in a household of parents that smoked. This doesn’t seem to have bothered me too much. The only problems I have are seasonal from grass, and of course household dust, both of which make me sneeze a bit. My sister has allergies that turned into asthma, and my brother just always has a stuffed up sound when he speaks.

    I do have a runny nose all the time, but that’s a side effect from a daily medication I am on. So annoying.

    I love that you make your own home allergy remedies. Natural is always the best way to go.

    1. Diane, I’m always willing to try something natural before I resort to a drug. I use essential oils every day for one reason or another and just love them.

  2. I have had allergy and sinus problems since childhood. We recently switched doctors and the allergist told me to go out and buy a humidifier. We use it nightly and both Steve and I are allergy free. I no longer take a bunch of drugs that only kept things at bay.

    1. Carol we have a humidifier on our furnace and I see a big difference in the winter time when its so dry. That’s fantastic that it was such an easy fix for you.

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  4. I am 12 and I have a collection of essential oils I also have terrible allergies and because it is summer in Spring and fall that I get allergies in can because it is that season I love that I can make my own arguments because I always have side effects from store-bought ones

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  6. I always encourage anyone to use homeopathic medications if they can, but I must ask, were your sons vaccinated as children?

  7. Nicole A Begany says:

    I would be interested in learning about the inhaler in the notes section.

  8. How can I purchase these items – are they sold as a kit ? Please email me the information/. I’m looks for an alternative to shots doe my child. Thank you.

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