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Day Trip Amish Country Shipshewana Indiana


Summer Flowers and Rustic Decor My Bestie and Myself set out for our summer day trip to Shipshewana intending on going to the flea market. Our plans changed when we arrived and realized we were there on the wrong day. Not a car in the parking lot and not a vendor in the flea market. We busted up laughing and decided to hit a few downtown places we’ve never been.

Shipshewana Rustic Water TowerJust to give you a little background info…..we’ve been BFF’s for 43 years, we do nothing but laugh when we’re together and have a blast doing whatever we do as long as we’re together. So me made the best of our day without the flea market.

Best FriendsWe started off by touring the Tiny Log Cabins and then went downtown looking through all the shops. Just like in our younger days when we used to dress alike we found matching T-shirts and just had to put them on and take a selfie. For some reason we got a big kick out of it and cracked up the whole time we changed shirts and got our cameras out.

Rustic Garden Shed IdeaI didn’t know untill years later that my bestie didn’t like my style but dressed just like me anyway. In her defense I can be out there a little bit in my dressing style, heck for years I carried a metal cookie tin with a handle as a purse (if that gives you any idea, lol). She used to cringe when I had to get in it to pay for something…..the looks I got told the story.

Old Circular BarnNext we started to get hungry, BTW when we’re together we tend to eat more than we shop, and my Bestie wanted breakfast and I wanted lunch so we hit a small local diner where we could get both. She ordered breakfast, strawberry french toast and bacon, and I had my lunch of chicken salad, cottage cheese, and fruit. We were both happy! 

Oversized Hanging BasketsBut all of a sudden I could tell by the look on my Besties face something was going on behind my back that I needed to see. She gave me that look that said, you need to see this but don’t turn around now. OMG the lady working behind the counter that must have been about 60 started break dancing. I tried to control myself and not break out in laughter, but a few giggles did escape.

Rustic DecorI took one look at my Bestie and said what the heck did we get ourselves into. I do have to give that gal credit though, it’s nothing I’d ever be brave enough to do in public or in my own home for that matter. 

Sidewalks lined with flowersAfter our meal and entertainment we continued on looking through all the rustic, farmhouse style shops and I snapped a few cell phone pics of all the pretties. I thought you might want to go along for the day and enjoy the beautiful view and if you ever have the chance to visit Shipshewana Indian you won’t be disappointed. 

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  1. Thanks Dawn – wonderful pics and story to start my day. It felt like being on your journey and reminded of another Amish town in Iowa where I visited almost 60 years ago. Jan

  2. Love Shipshewana we like the flea markets Downtown is beautiful with so many shops to browse through and we always go to the Essanhaus for our meal in Middleberry

  3. Haven’t been there in a long time. I was disappointed the last time I was there because it seemed to be mostly factory made things but loved wandering the shops. And eating!!! The first time I was there in 1980 I got some wonderful buys on old things, tools, dried flowers.

    Would love to go back again.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Beautiful pictures Dawn. I enjoyed your story of the day and could picture you both laughing. Life is all about love and laughter.

  5. Thanks for taking me along for the trip! Your pictures are beautiful and time spent with your friends is time well spent!

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