Antique Trucks and Cars

Our small village, with population of 1,000, has a car show and street dance every year.  We always attend but this year I decided to take along my camera.
It’s fun to listen to all the ole’ timers reminisce about the days when cars were
built sturdy and were reliable.
Some of these beasts could fit a family of 10 in there.
I am still on the lookout for an old Ford truck.  I don’t want it all spit shined and fancy.  I want it rusty and beat up.
I want to drive with the windows down on our dirt road and not care about how dusty it gets.  
I am so glad we did this yesterday because the hot, hot, weather is 
moving our way.
It was a fun, free day spent with my hubby!

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  1. Oh, I wish we had been there. We love old cars and trucks and my husband is always looking for subjects to paint.

    There is a rusty green truck parked daily on the main road leading the the beach lanes. We WANT it!

  2. Oh, how fun! We always manage to go to a few old car shows at least once or twice a year — not this time of year, however!

  3. Dawn,
    I love the car shows we have them by us. OH My!! My husband would love the fire truck!!! Super cute. Of course he would never say cute maybe awesome!!!!!

  4. What a fun time! We went to a local car show a few weeks back, and my kids (and I) just loved looking at all those old beauties. I bet that old rusty truck you’re wishing for will find it’s way to you before long 😉


  5. You took some fantastic photos!!! Love the colors.

    Where we use to live some older folks met every Saturday evening at a local hamburger place. I thought it was a nice hobby, and they liked the attention the younger kids gave them with questions.

  6. Love the photography. To get this effect (which works perfectly) did you use a preset filter?

  7. Wow! Nice! I learned to drive in an old Ford pickup with a bad clutch. Ergo, I learned to shift by timing the engine and without the clutch. Came in handy a few times. 🙂 Loved that old pickup! Been a while since I have driven a truck with a standard tranny now! Love the old vehicles. We have one coming up here in November on Veterans day. Looking forward to seeing all of the cool rods! 🙂

  8. I always loved the tinny sound the doors make when closed. We had an old Ford truck in Mt. It was ratty, not pretty but I could go anywhere on our 20 acres where a road wasn’t, no harm to that old truck. We had to take our trash to a site a few miles away, yeah no trash pick up out there. Love those old cars, the old guys are right. I was a teenager in 50’s.
    Happy summer. Love the country areas.

  9. That looks like so much fun, Dawn. I love that last photo with the boots. xo Laura

  10. These are indeed beauties!! I tend to snap photos of vintage cars I see when out and about. I wish I still had my ’51 Buick from my first years of driving. I had to sit on a huge pillow to just see out the windshield and nothing was automatic about it 🙂

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