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Small Space Apartment Herb Garden in Galvanized Containers

Apartment Size Kitchen Herb Garden On The Balcony Today I’m back to share with you what’s been going on at my besties place, remember she’s the one that just moved into an apartment. If you missed the entry way we created you can see that HEREbut today we put together an kitchen herb garden in galvanized containers. 

How to Create a Kitchen Herb Garden When Living in a Small Apartment SpaceShe’s still able to have a small garden on her balcony and we put the herbs into buckets that she can easily bring into the kitchen when cooking. She shouldn’t have to give up what she loves just because she’s living in a smaller space. We just had to get a little more creative, she’s used to having a big vegetable and herb garden. 

Small Space Apartment Herb Garden In Galvanized ContainersThe starter plants were just the right size for the galvanized buckets, we didn’t even have to add any additional dirt. We just popped them out of the original containers and into the buckets. The buckets came from Tractor Supply Company, a local farm store. 

What You'll Need to Create A Small Space Apartment Size Herb Garden, Using Galvanized Containers They seem to be much better priced there; apparently they don’t know galvanized containers are trending at the moment. If you purchase them at a garden center or craft store you’ll pay more than double what we did at the farm store. 

Small Space Living Herb GardenI think it turned out really nice and now she’ll be able to cook with her favorite herbs again. Just having something green and alive in the place really works wonders for making the place look fresh and summer like. 

How to Create a Kitchen Herb Garden When Living in a Small Apartment SpaceIf you like the galvanized caddy we placed the buckets in I don’t have a source for that. We both purchased one many years ago at the Shipshewanna flea market and have used it for different things over the years. It just happens to be an herb caddy at the moment. It makes it easy to transport the herbs outside onto her balcony on nice days. 

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  1. Adorable – including her pallet sofa! I need to get to the local Tractor Supply. I buy their galvanized water troughs to use for my raised bed garden. My small town will have a Tractor Supply next year – I can hardly wait!

    1. Jen I love Tractor Supply stores they have the best stuff. My aunt uses the water troughs for her garden too, with age it’s must easier than bending down all the time. My bestie made the pallet sofa (for free)

  2. Debbie Lorson says:

    The herb garden turned out really cute. Cute doggie!

    1. Debbie there’s a funny story about that dog. It died and my bestie gave it mouth to mouth and brought it back to life.

  3. Cheryl major says:

    What a cute idea. They look awesome. I am happy that your local “tractor suppy store ” has not caught on yet…score for you’s !

    1. Cheryl Im glad too that the Tractor Supply is clueless. Gotta love a bargain.

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