The Arrival of the Raspberry Bush

We received a delivery yesterday: It was my Raspberry Bushes!!!
I ordered 3 Red Raspberry and 3 Golden Raspberry.
 I had to hide them on the porch last night due to frost again.
I can’t believe how large the plants are, and they are already loaded with raspberries:)
Now I need to get them all into the ground.
 It looks like I have created a lot of work for myself, but it will be so worth it when we are enjoying home grown fruits and veggies all winter long. Come back and see how I plan to trellis these babies!!




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  1. oh, wow they look great; they are huge! You are so going to enjoy alot of wonderful fruit.

    Have a great Easter!

  2. Hi Dawn,

    How exciting and fun it’s going to be. I’m a fruit junky! I eat fresh fruit every morning. I know what you will be having. Yum!


  3. Those look GREAT- SOOOO Much better than the strawberry plants! A lot of work but worth the effort! xo Diana

  4. I wish I had some raspberry bushes, too. Are they hard to grow? Do they need cold weather? Good luck

  5. Those are big plants Dawn and the fruit they’ll give you year after year will certainly be worth the time it takes to care for them. I’m picturing a big raspberry pie in your future.

  6. How exciting for you! We had delicious raspberries when we lived in Portland, but with our climate here, they don’t do well, darn it! Enjoy yours!

    Happy Easter!

  7. Wonderful! Happy Easter to you sweet friend!

  8. Looks like a perfect Easter celebration with the raspberry. Looks like a perfect Easter celebration. !@Lisa Home Interiors

  9. Wow, raspberry bushes, those are going to be so awesome. We planted peach trees and an apple tree, but we have long wait for fruit I am afraid.

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