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I can’t believe it is August already.  We are having very cool temps here, so cool we are wearing pants and sweat shirts.  I will be curious to see if summer makes her return any time soon.  But for now here are your August’s FREE Printables from the Cabin and linked below are 21 more printables available for you to download.  Stop in an visit all the bloggers who participate in bringing you such beautiful and fun art work.

Enjoy the ride printableClick here to download “Enjoy the Ride”


September2103CalendarClick here to download “September Calendar Page”

VegetableStorageGuideClick here to download “Vegetable Storage Guide”



Click here to download “Mason Jar Poem”


8 Bloggers ~ 24 Printables-001


You can thank all these wonderful bloggers for the FREE Printables they are sharing!  Enjoy and start downloading.



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  1. Oh I love these. You are so talented. Got your blog all updated on my blog list. Your new look is awesome. Looks so good. Love the buttons and all the colors.

  2. Penney Williams says:

    Love this and the insight you shared. Unfortunately, it is telling me the file is corrupted and can’t be downloaded 🙁

  3. Penney Williams says:

    I should clarify, it’s the You can invent your lfe I was referring to. 🙂

  4. Penney Williams says:

    Hooray, it is working now 🙂

  5. It’s very cool for August here in northern IL, too. But not where we’re wearing sweatshirts and long pants! It’s been in the 70’s during the day & 50’s at night. Thanks for the free printables!

  6. LOVE the bike!!! Can you tell me what size I am able to go up to in this? I’m getting baby’s room ready 🙂 Thank yoU!

    1. Katie it was designed as an 8X10, but I bet you could go bigger without distortion.

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