Autumn Squash Soup

Autumn Squash Soup Recipe


Are you starting to get in the mood for soups yet? I know here in the north it’s cold already (we’ve already had frost) and I’ve been in the kitchen making hearty meals that remind me of fall. Today I want to share with you my Autumn Squash Soup recipe. My favorite is from Panera and this is as close as I can come to getting it to taste like theirs. I do believe the secret ingredients are Honeycrisp apples and Maple syrup so I’ve added them both to this recipe. 

I always make a double batch and freeze one. I figure If I’m going to go to all the trouble of making it from scratch I’m going to make it worth my while. If you use a pie pumpkin like I do don’t forget to save the seeds and roast them to add to the soup as a garnish. 

This is the time of year I purchase several pie pumpkins, roast them, scoop out their flesh and freeze it for this soup recipe and my Pumpkin Pancake recipe of course you can use the canned version but if you have the ability to make fresh yourself nothing tastes as good. Just click on the text under the photos for a downloadable copy of the recipe. 

You may also want to try my homemade Creamy Tomato Soup recipe.

Simple Creamy Tomato Soup | In under 20 minutes you can have delicious homemade soup ready to server on a cold winters day with items from your pantry

And this is a delicious Breadstick to go with either recipe. 

Pizza Hut Breadstick Copycat Recipe



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  1. We just finished Thanksgiving and I have plenty of squash leftover.
    Your soup recipe comes at the perfect time!

    1. Kim this would be perfect, I like to add a little extra maple syrup to sweeten mine up more.

    1. I love tomato soup too but must have a grilled cheese to go along with it.

  2. This looks soooo gooood!. Thank you for sharing. I’m always looking for good ways to use squash.

    I found your page by following links for free fall printables. I really like yours, but when I tried to download I was required to join scribd in order to download them. Are they still free? It’s fine if they aren’t, but I wondered.

    This is the page-> /2013/11/november-free-printables/

    1. Faith you shouldn’t have to join anything. Tell me what the printable looks like and I’ll send you over a copy by email.

  3. This looks so amazing.. like autumn in a bowl 🙂 Thanks a lot for linking up at the Family Joy blog link up party. Pinned your post to our Pinterest party board.

  4. I’ve never been to Panera so I wouldn’t be able to compare it. But I don’t think I would need to compare it to think it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids #TastyTuesdays

    1. Audrey you need to try Panera if you ever stumble across one.

  5. Nothing is more satisfying than a bowl of soup in the fall – this recipe looks delicious!

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