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“Bake” Sign in the Dining Room

BakeSignI’ve made a few changes to the dining room this week, and one of them was to move my BAKE letters, here is where they used to be, and like so many things I get tired of their location over time and need a new look. 

Use Letters to Create Words as Art in Any Room | CreativeCainCabin.com

I’ve had them out of the kitchen for a while now and stashed in a closet but this week I had the urge to paint them and get them rehung. I discovered this pretty turquoise chalkboard paint by Martha Stewart at Michaels and with my 40% off coupon decided to give it a try. The letters were previously Martha Stewart cornbread yellow, so I just gave them a quick one coat of the turquoise letting some of the yellow peak through. 

Mason Jar Printable |CreativeCainCabin.comI must have been in a mood to paint this week because I also repainted the storage bin that’s in the dining room, it was a retro green that I really liked but it matched nothing in my home so I solved that with Cornbread Yellow by Martha Stewart. I also added a new printable to the top of the unit. You can print off a copy for yourself by  Clicking Here to Download “Everything’s Better In A Mason Jar”.

Use Letters to Create Words as Art in Any Room | CreativeCainCabin.comYou’d never know it by these photos but it’s 35 below outside right now with blowing and drifting snow, but if you’re inside our home it’s starting to look like spring. 

Use Letters to Create Words as Art in Any Room | CreativeCainCabin.comI wish someone would tell mother nature it’s time to show us a glimpse of warmer temps. If this keeps up my flowering trees will bloom late again this year, and my fruit trees will have no fruit (that happened last year because of the extreme cold).

Use Letters to Create Words as Art in Any Room | CreativeCainCabin.comI think I’m liking the new color and location of the BAKE sign, what do you think?

Use Letters to Create Words as Art in Any Room | CreativeCainCabin.com

The next thing on my list is to remove everything from the cabinet and reorganize it. I like to keep things like lunch thermoses, vases, plastic silverware, and disposable bowls in it, but it’s in need of a weeding out. 

Use Letters to Create Words as Art in Any Room | CreativeCainCabin.comHave a wonderful Sunday everyone and come back next week for more from the cabin.


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  1. Morning, Dawndie! Oh, no, I would not believe that is a snap that wasn’t made in the summer time! I good fool the eye snap – and it’s lovely. I do like your cute little bake sign looks great there and I love that sweet cabinet too! Hope you’re doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia pictures sure can fool you. It looks springlike inside but outside we’re buried in snow still.

  2. The BAKE sign stands out relaying where it is. It is frigid here too with lots and lots of snow. It’s a good thing I can visualize things as you can’t see the gardens at all any more and I’m so tired of digging out the deck and paths to the feeders to keep the feathered friends fed.

    1. Linda I know what you mean I am over winter too. I need some sunshine and porch sitting days.

  3. Love love love! The letters are huge and wonderful on your wall. The size makes such an impact. I also adore the printable. Thank you so much for that. I’ll definitely be uploading that to my local Walgreens for printing. 🙂

    1. Stacey they didn’t look so big when they went horizontal, I just noticed that. I have never thought to make a print at walgreens, you could do it as a photo with better quality paper that way.

  4. Love your BAKE sign. I need to get busy and springify my house. Maybe that will stop these winter blahs. Thanks for the tour of your amazing dining room!

    1. Ann, It feels like spring inside but outside is another story. I love winter but Im over it already and would like some fresh blooms and green grass.

  5. The oversize turquoise letters look absolutely yummy against your log walls! Love it all!

    1. Thank you Vickie I am loving them right now too. They make things look fresh again.

  6. Loooove this Dawn. The Bake Sign is so sweet on your cabin wall. Love this. Stay warm. Counting the days until we thaw!

    1. Kris, I hope the days until spring thaw come soon. I’m looking forward to some green grass.

  7. I think when it is 35 below with blowing and drifting snow that there is nothing to be done except paint, reorganize and make your house look as springlike and pretty as yours is. Stay warm. xo Laura

    1. Laura, I wish outside would reflect what’s going on inside. Bitter cold here today.

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    The letters look good there Dawn and I like the color very much..I want to do some letters in my home also but I have to decide what word I want to spell..I also like the cabinet better in yellow..My Mom used a lot of that retro green as green was her favorite color..Oh my this cold weather is so bad..it is 5 degrees here right now and the wind chill is -19..I am not going outside for anything..You stay warm and don’t go out unless you have to..those are dangerous temps you have there..Hugs

    1. Nancy, Green is not my thing I just never got around to painting it. I’m staying put until I have to go out. I should do some grocery shopping but don’t want to freeze.

    1. Judy yes the yellow is a much better color, it fits in with my decor now.

  9. Kathleen G says:

    Love your retro look and cheerful dining area. Well it’s warm here in Phoenix. Blooming plants and the door is open. My concern is having an early summer and not enough rain. High temps and wildfires. Keep warm and safe at your cabin. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, Oh I want my doors open with sunshine streaming in I am envious now:)

  10. Wow…from the beautiful look of Spring inside your home you would never think that it was 35 below outside!!!…and I am complaining about it being in the teens….I love the BAKE sign in that spot!….and must say that I think the color is perfect!….Must feel great to have a little bit of Spring surrounded by drifts of snow!…Keep warm and cozy Dawn!!

    1. Shirley, yep it cold outside and no let up of it in sight. I’m over winter and ready for spring.

    1. Thanks Amy, I love when I can reuse things and love them all over again.

  11. Cheryl Major says:

    I think your BAKE sign looks great where you put it. Your house looks so comfortable and inviting .

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