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Beautiful Day Apricot Tea Rose

Beautiful Day Apricot Hybrid Tea Rose

Hi All! Can you believe this beautiful Apricot Rose bush was an impulse buy for me? I’ve never been a rose fan. I love flowers but for some reason roses have never been an attraction. I think most of all I’m not fond of the plants shape and the leggy look they sometimes get. Any who, for some reason I felt like the little corner next to the stock tank was calling out for a rose bush.

Beautiful Day Apricot Hybrid Tea Rose

Since I know nothing about roses I went with color. Apparently I should have had my glasses on while rummaging through all the tags. I thought I purchased a bush that would bloom with yellow roses but I was wrong. This one is called Beautiful Day Apricot Tea Rose; right there should have been by clue, and it has starts out yellow but as it opens up it has more of a peachy tone to it.

Beautiful Day Apricot Hybrid Tea Rose

I love it, and it was easy to grow. All I did was plant it, water it, and give it a little miracle grow, and look at the results. Sometimes mistakes turn out to be the perfect thing. I think the color of the blooms looks fantastic against the dark brown chicken coop.

Beautiful Day Apricot Hybrid Tea Rose

I’ve decided to harvest the petal, dry them out, and make rose water or rose oil with them; I hate to see them go to waste. I’ll either use the final product as a facial toner or a hair tonic. I haven’t decided yet which way to go. I can say I’m not overly fond of scent but maybe I’ll enjoy it more know it was something I made. Do you think there’s any way rose water facial toner will turn back the clocks and make me look any younger, lol?

Beautiful Day Apricot Hybrid Tea Rose

For those of you who know your roses give me your best advice for keeping them trimmed and blooming profusely year after year. I like the look of full plants weighted with heavy blooms. Maybe it’s not possible with roses!

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  1. Paula Bradshaw says:

    What a beautiful spot tuck in among the boulder and galvanized pail. They are a lovely surprise for sure.

    I’m interested in how you make rose water and rose oil. I’m convince it takes years off our ages. 😉

    1. Paula, The rose bush is blooming again right now so I need to harvest the petals and make a batch. Once I do I’ll post the recipe.

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