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Bedroom Makeup Vanity, Rustic Windmill Mirror, Bedside Lamp, Makeup Storage, Makeup MirrorI just couldn’t take it any longer, my bedside makeup table looked like a tornado hit it and things needed to change. I was always that girl that stood in the bathroom and put her makeup on in front of the mirror up untill about a year ago. All of a sudden I noticed I needed to get closer and closer to the mirror to avoid looking like a clown when I went out. Well I certainly wasn’t going to climb up on the countertop every day to apply my makeup so I decided to move it all to our bedroom and also add a light up makeup mirror that magnified. 

Bedroom Makeup Vanity Before PhotoI’m getting to that age where I need reading glasses to do several tasks. I can no longer read a bottle, put on my makeup, or thread a needle without cheaters. I’ve been using this space for a while now and it’s worked out perfectly, plus I get to sit down now, but the makeup mess was out of control. I’m one of those people that get stressed out when things are a mess, and this spot was stressing me out. It was all nice neat and organized when I started using it but somehow an explosion happened and this is what I ended up with. 

Gerber Daisy on Bedside VanityNot wanting to spend any money I shopped my house for things to use to make the space look reasonably like a bedroom yet still function as a makeup station. I didn’t want it to look all girly fancy I was still going for a rustic look so here’s what I came up with. I replaced the feather print on the wall with a windmill mirror, untill today I didn’t have a place that it worked in my house so it’s been in storage. I gathered a small enamelware dish and two flower pots and started sorting and organizing. Things I never use got tossed in the trash and things that I had duplicates of went back into the bathroom to use once the first one runs out. I also swapped out the larger lamp for a smaller one to gain more room on the table surface. 

Bedroom Makeup Vanity, Rustic Windmill Mirror, Bedside Lamp, Makeup Storage, Makeup MirrorI happened to be searching Pinterest and admiring all the pretty vanity setups others are using for their makeup and couldn’t believe some of these girls have drawers and drawers of makeup they even have huge rolling carts full. I have no idea how they’d ever use that much makeup or afford it all. I used to buy very expensive makeup years ago but I spend one winter trying different products until I found cheaper versions that still worked just as well. I still like my expensive brushes, but these are a one time purchase and I still splurge on my foundation but other than that I’ve been able to go from a $60 tube of mascara down to a $30 tube and I love it equally as well. My favorite foundation is ERA but it costs me $75 a month so I’ve went to IT instead and only spend $30 a month for it. I do wear makeup everyday unless I know for sure I won’t be going out of the house that day. 

Bedroom Makeup Vanity, Rustic Windmill Mirror, Bedside Lamp, Makeup Storage, Makeup MirrorI’m happy with my no cost makeup vanity makeover and Its much more enjoyable to apply my makeup without all the mess hanging around. By the way did you happen to notice the small pail I have hanging on the side of my table? I added a hook and keep my phone charger, reading glasses, and a small flashlight in there. If I wake up in the night I always read so keeping these things handy is nice. The flashlight thing is something you’ll all understand as you get old, I don’t know how many times that little thing has been put to use. 

TIP: DID YOU KNOW IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR MAKEUP PURCHASE FOR ANY REASON YOU CAN RETURN IT?  (take advantage of this, makeup is costly and don’t keep the things that don’t work for you).

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  1. Hi Dawn., I wear make-up every day as well, unless I know I am going to be home all day, and sometimes I wear it on those days too. I’ve had to keep my makeup in the bathroom, and have a designated drawer for it, and a designated shelf in the cabinet for my lipsticks which I have NUMEROUS tubes of. I love the idea of a make-up table, but sometimes I get a bit of liquid cover up that splashes and also a dusting of my powdered blush on the surface of the bathroom countertop or in the sink…. so I guess I am better off keeping my mess in the bathroom. Your table looks great and also organized, not a statement I can make about my bathroom look. LOL

    1. Diane, I’m a lipstick hoarder as well. I normally have 15 tubes in my purse at one time. LOL

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Your vanity looks fresh and organized. Love the windmill mirror! And you’re right about the pail, holding essentials like the flashlight is a good thing:).
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I was so glad to find a place to use the mirror. I’d never thought of the bedroom but it fit, it was paid for, so I went with it.

  3. Wow…it looks great, Dawn – I love it all.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Wow, what a great idea ! It fits right in with your decor. The little pail is genuis.

    1. Cheryl, I’m happy to say it’s still staying neat and tidy!

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