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Best Tip Ever: Use Grapevine As A Trellis

Here's the Perfect Trellis For Anyone Who Gardens. It's Made From Grapevine That Grows Wild In The CountryRemember me saying I wanted to add chicken wire around the Purple Martin House pole? Well my friend Lisa suggested using Grapevine, what a brilliant idea right? It grows wild all over our property and its free so all the more reason to use it. 

If you follow me on Instagram  you know I’ve been covered with poison ivy and the thought of trampsing off into the woods to cut down grapevine was a dreaded thought. It was just starting to dry up and I didn’t want to come in contact with it again. If you’ve never had it, it’s just miserable. I alway fight it using this method and it works every time but I still have to go through a bad time before it makes a turn for the better.  

Here's the Perfect Trellis For Anyone Who Gardens. It's Made From Grapevine That Grows Wild In The CountryBut I mustered up the courage and put on a pair of jeans, my Hunter boots, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of gloves. I didn’t want any skin exposed and off to the woods I went with my handy dandy nippers. I cut a large vine down, wrapped it around the pole, and secured it with a few large fence staples to keep it in place. Then I planted the clematis vine.

Purple Martin House with Purple Clematis VineThis is the look I’m going for (I photoshopped the clematis into the is photo). The vine already has blossoms on it so I’m hoping to see flowers soon. 


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    1. Thank you Shirley and I actually like the look better, more rustic like our house.

  1. I cut the grass last week and apparently I went too close to poison ivy too. I found it a few days later on my leg while I was washing the windows. I didn’t want to stop so I remembered My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I sprayed the Windex on the rash. It was gone in 3 days!!!!! Usually I come in from outside and wash every visible part with Dawn but I didn’t have time that day. I probably should not have done it but it worked out well!!!!

    1. Wow Patty I’ve never heard of windex working. I think anything that will cut the oil work. My son uses brake cleaner. So glad you got it under control before you were miserable.

  2. I think I need to see if clematis will grow in my area because it would look great growing on my old ladder.

    1. Carol it comes in many colors too, you’d love it if you can grow it.

    1. Linda Poison Ivy is gone but it’s dreadfully while I have it.

  3. Last summer I suffered 6 weeks with poison ivy! I washed as soon as I got in the house but still got it. Had to laugh about the brake fluid solution! Going to keep the Windex and brake fluid in mind if I get in a mess like that again!

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