The #1 Way to Update Outdoor Decor Is to Use Spray Paint

Front Porch Using Black, White, Yellow & TanToday I want to share with you the before and after photos of how a can of spray paint can give a tired worn piece a new look. First is the Adirondack chair my son made in 4H when he was 10. It’s made from cedar so it’s held up wonderfully but it was looking a little tired and boring so a can of black spray paint came to it’s rescue. It always amazed me how paint can make such a big difference, it’s still the same chair yet it has a whole new look. 

Adirondack Chair

Front Porch Using Black, White, Yellow & TanNext up is the 1980’s table that I picked up at the Shipshewanna flea market in the late 80’s. First I can’t believe It’s been around that long and second why I didn’t paint it sooner I’ll never know. Once again I used that same can of black spray paint and positioned the table to hide the horrible heart cut out in the wood. Nothing says 80’s like that heart cutout, mauve and country blue. Boy I’m really giving away the family secrete here…..and yes I had a home decorated “country” when “country” was in. 

Updated Table Using Black Spray Paint

Vinyl House Numbers Made With A SilhouetteThe last paint project was the old flower pots. I was looking for new but the cost made me rethink my plan. I wanted the look of concrete so I used the stone texture spray paint in tan (the pots the ferns are in) to achieve the look for a few dollars. I’ve had the pots hanging around for a couple of years and hated to buy new just because these didn’t fit into my color scheme this year. So nothing a little spray paint can’t fix. If I use the “stone texture” paint again I will purchase a regular finish paint color close to the stone texture color and paint it on first, like a primer, that way I won’t need as much of the texture paint.  

Spray Paint Flower Pots for a New Look


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    1. Jane come back to day and actually read the text, not sure how the post went out without it but now it’s fixed, lol.

  1. Kathleen G says:

    I had that 80s kitchen with hearts and ducks too. I’ve painted a Terra cotta sun with texture stone like paint years ago.
    What a difference paint can do. Your front porch looks inviting Dawn.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen lol I think we all had that country look for a few years. I’m so glad it’s passed. Did you ever do the hunter green decor?

    1. Shirely you don’t strike me as the duck and heart type girl but glad to know I wasn’t the only one.

  2. Everything is looking so nice. First your son did an awesome job on the chair and now it really shines!! I really had to laugh at your country table.. All of us that had country had the heart cutouts, I did .. Some shelves , chairs..and yes that country blue.. Too funny! Secondly you are always inspiring.. I have some heavy stone pots which I love but didn’t care for the color and now with your ideas.. that will change. Thanks so much Dawn for your inspiring blogs.. I truly enjoy them❤️

    1. Aw Melissa what a kind comment, I love it when someone is inspired by something I post. Glad I’m not the only one that remembers that famous “country” decor, lol.

  3. Wow !, what a transformation. Paint certainly can change the look of anything. I had to laugh…that country blue was up here in Canada…blue geese and all…hahaha….and painting the stone flower pots, .what a great idea, I also have some that I love the pot but hate the colour.

    1. Cheryl I would paint that pot if you hate the color. Mine are all under the porch roof so they hold up well.

  4. Looking good Dawn. I have a ceramic ugly vase I want to do. Your blog today gave me inspiration. Have a good weekend.

    1. Debbie yep give that vase a new coat of paint, you will be happy you did.

  5. Paint is wonderful for changing things. What is the secret to keeping the fern looking healthy all summer?

    1. Jeanie I do nothing but water them and they stay looking full and lush. I have no secret, lol.

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