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Blooming Daffodils


Daffodil Blooms in a Berry Basket

You are not going to believe this but winter is back here in Michigan. Hence the rescue of all daffodil blooms on the property. We live surrounded by open farmland and the cabin is positioned on a hill so we have extreme winds. I didn’t want the only signs of spring to be whipped by the wind or buried in snow so I cut them beforE the elements got them.

Daffodil Bloom, Berry Basket, Keen Mary Janes, Spring

How can it be 70 degrees on day and back to snowing the next? I’m over winter and am excited to get the garden planted. I’ve even mowed the lawn once this season. I’m thankful I didn’t put my newly purchased herb plants in the soil yet. If it’s going to be a light frost I can cover them up with a sheet and they’ll survive but they certainly won’t survive snow. We’re in the belt to get 2-4” on up to 6” inches of snow.

It’s been so nice all week to be outside preparing the garden beds, sitting on the porch reading, and getting a little sun on these bones. I’m determined this year to wear a sleeveless shirt when I’m outside working in the sun. No more farmers tan for me, which is normally what I have. I’ve got a jump-start on my tan by using a self-tanning lotion. My white legs are just too much to handle when I’m wearing a dress. And yes I wear dresses with girly socks and Mary Jane’s. I’ve always been a quirky dresser, and this just proves it.

Daffodils Cut, Berry Basket, Spring

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you’ll want to pop over and see what hubby brought home for me…..here’s a hint: cock-a-doodle-doo. Anyway I’m excited to do a little decorating and my wheels are turning with all sorts of new ideas. Don’t forget to come back on Tuesday for this months “Talk Till Dawn” episode.



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  1. No snow in Jackson as they predicted!! Self tanning creams are great!! Jergen’s does well!!!

    1. Jeanie we actually missed it too, but I’m glad I rescued the flowers now we’re getting rain all week and it’s cold. I use NKD SKN tanner and love it. Us Michigander girls need a little help when the sun don’t shine.

  2. I had to laugh when I read your first sentence about daffodils meaning spring. Mine always bloom in January.

    I know that the Chicago area got snow yesterday. I hope you didn’t get another storm.

    1. Carol, yes daffodils mean spring here. Nothing blooms in January but more and more snow. LOL. We are getting rain every day this week and it’s cold, around 40. I’m so over this cold weather! I’m sure you can hear me scream all the way to your place.

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