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  1. Grat collage, Dawn.

    I love lilacs. They smell so sweet.

  2. Wow!! Look at your lilacs. I have 2 lilac bushes and maybe 5 blooms. I’m hoping to get more next year since I only planted them last year. I noticed that after year 3, everything takes off so beautifully.

    I got your message about the giveaway, you are so sweet. I would love to set up a giveaway on my blog with you. Please let me know what and when would be great for you and any tips would be great! Thank you so much. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    These remind me of Iowa, I don’t have any lilacs in Texas I sure miss them! Your style is so cute! I tried to post once before and it wouldn’t go through. Hope this one makes it!
    I love how you accessorize, it’s so very cute. I have some sandals you would love they are by OKAb. The web site is If you look at the women’s ribbon and bow shoes you can change out the ribbon to match your outfit. I love mine! My daughter gets me a pair every year for mothers day. So fun! You would be so creative with them I’m sure. Thanks for such a fun blog.

    Lisa in Fort Worth

  4. Wow that seems late, bit I guess better late than never! They look great!

  5. I just love lilacs, they smell so good! Ours around here are done blooming.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Oh my. I can almost smell them!!! We have to go up to our local mtns to get those. Love them!!

  7. So pretty. I can almost smell them now. Ours are long gone, and I always wish they lasted longer! They might – if we didn’t have monsoon season wash them out so soon! -Tammy

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