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Blooming Sunflowers In The Fall Garden

Sunflower, Garden, Fall

The last things to be pulled from the fall garden are the sunflower blooms. As they start to fade I let the birds eat a big portion of the seeds but I must confess I cut a few heads to keep as seed to plant for the next year.

Sunflower, Garden, Fall, Garden Obelisk, Garden Bunting

I’ve been gathering my own sunflower seeds for several years now and haven’t had to buy any in years. I always have enough to share too. This year I mailed some out to a few of my friends here that follow the blog; those that requested milkweed seeds. By the way I hope everyone got them by now.

Some years back I made a natural sunflower bird feeder from a large sunflower head, you can see that post here and it’s super easy to make; you’ll have everything you need right at home.

en, Fall, Garden Obelisk, Garden Bunting

This year I had several volunteer sunflower seeds start to sprout in the galvanized bucket I had on our side porch. I planted the basil and started noticing other plants peeking out from the soil so I decided to let them go and see what they’d become.

Sunflower, Galvanized Bucket, Container Garden, Fall

Every year I have volunteer plants start here and there and I’m always glad I let them be and see what they turn out to be. So far I’ve never been disappointed and it’s fun waiting and watching as they grow.

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  1. I did get the seeds thanks you so much. The extra packets were such a nice surprise. I just love your sunflowers. They are gorgeous. I can’t wait to plant them all in the spring. Thanks so much Dawn.

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