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Blue Octagon Vase

While Hubby was on a job site he unearthed this octagon jar and thought I would love the shape. I do love the shape, but the jar had been in the ground so many year that the glass was etched so bad it appeared cloudy and dull.

What’s a girl to to….. I dug through my spray paint stash and decided to liven it up with a little “Exotic Sea”.


I think you can see  the shape better now that it is painted.

Ya never know what kind of treasures one will find hidden below the dirt.

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  1. It looks good all spruced up with the paint! I love the shape. xo Diana

  2. I love the color and shape of your new vase. Glad your husband found it and thought you might like it

  3. Wow! It’s amazing it survived for who knows how long without breaking?! Do you have a picture of how it looked like before you painted it? Well you have a fantastic find and hopefully hubby will be able to dig up some more finds like that. I love the color, you did a great job!

  4. Great shade of blue! It really sets off those lilac-colored flowers. 🙂

  5. What a great find, you have a sweet hunny for bringing that to you! What an interesting shape and the color you chose is beautiful!

  6. That is so pretty. Amazing transformation!

  7. Beautiful! I have a partial can of exotic sea (valspar) left.. painted an old chair for a photo shoot w/ son and g/f (almost didn’t dry well enough b4 the shoot.. lol!). You always have the loveliest ideas!! Your home *should* be in a magazine, ya know 🙂 -Tammy

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