$5 Boston Ferns

$5 Ferns from Home Depot

This is not the post I had planned to share with you today, but I knew this Boston Fern deal was too good to pass up, so I wanted to give you all the heads up. Every year at the beginning of April, Home Depot runs their Boston Ferns for $5 each with a limit of 10 per person.

$5 Ferns from Home Depot

If you follow me on Instagram I shared a photo of my shopping cart yesterday. Hubby took one look at it and his eyes bugged out, it looked more like a duck blind than a shopping cart. Pop over and take a look if you want a good laugh.

$5 Ferns from Home Depot

I still won’t be able to decorate outside due to the snow we’re still getting so my dining room table will have to look like this for a while. See all that mud on my floor I tracked in while unloading the ferns? Gotta run, need to mop now. But don’t forget $5 Boston Ferns at Home Depot right now and they’re HUGE.


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  1. What? $5.00? Will have to check that out…but i think i may just have missed that….I have to buy 10 to 12 ferns every spring to hang in the veranda….they look amazing!..Have a great weekend Dawn!

    1. Shirley make sure and check your HD, I do believe the sale is nation wide right now.

      1. Has anyone seen the 2017 sale yet?

        1. Jennifer I’ve been looking for a month now and so far no sale. The best price I’ve found was Walmart for $10.

  2. Ours in MA are still $17! 🙁 I’ll call and see if we missed it or it is still yet to happen!

    1. I hope you didn’t miss it, I checked ours the week of Easter and they said they’d postponed the delivery date due to bad weather all over and they didn’t want to risk loosing them all.

  3. WOW……AND WOW again. I did not know this. I was just there over the weekend. Going to go there today hoping there are still some left for Debbie…. haha : – )

    1. Debbie I hope so too, our store was loaded with them, but people were grabbing them left and right!

    2. Hi Dawn: So hubby and I went yesterday afternoon to Home Depot and was hugely disappointed. The ferns were only $5.00 on Thursday. It was a daily special for that day only. Saturday’s deal was huge discounts on paint. I need ferns worse than I need paint right now. : – )

      1. Aw so sorry Debbie, did you happen to ask them for the Thursday price? I know others did and they honored it.

        1. No I did not ask about getting a fern for $5.00. Did not even think of it. They probably would not do it. I will just keep my eyes open for inexpensive ones at WalMart.

          1. Debbie other readers asked for the $5 price and they honored it. Darn!

  4. SNOW!!~ Oh no. I do love Boston ferns, and have to get some. I had no idea they ran that special.

    1. Debbie yes they run it every year, you will have to mark your calender so you remember next time.

    1. Linda that’s still a great deal. I hope the snow goes away here soon so I can get mine outside.

  5. I immediately checked our local Home Depot weekly ad (in MA) and found that the ferns were a 1 day special April 7th. I missed the deal by a day (or so I thought) While out doing errands I stopped at HD just to check and sure enough they were still ringing up at $5. They are huge and beautiful. Thank you so much for the tip. Hopefully I can keep them alive until it warms up. Thank you again.

  6. Jennifer C says:

    We shop the HD fern sale every year and it has yet to occur this year in our area. Has anyone seen or heard anything about the sale?

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