Bowl of Silver

Hubby and I were garage sale-ing one day and ran across a pile of silver for pennies, so we snatched it up.
There is over 10 pounds of silver here.
After we did some research we found out most of it is from the 1800’s.
Our plan was to scrap it, but now I hate to melt it down for scrap and loose something from the 1800’s.
I think with gold and silver prices where they are many things will be lost forever:(
So now, what does one do with 10 pounds of silver?
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  1. Love the display Dawn, I’m glad you’ve decided to keep the pieces.

  2. I think they look great the way you have them displayed too.
    When I was de-cluttering I found my folks original set that my mother had given me.
    I passed on the set I was using to my daughter and am using the silver ones. It takes a while to get used to those forks-they have funny sort of prongs!
    Have a good weekend, Dawn!

  3. I LOVE them in the bowl!! And you could make recipe card holders with forks. Have you seen those. You bend the tines so that it will hold a card, and the handle is bent too so that it will stand. Great find!!!

  4. Beautiful in the bowl! If it were me, I’d have to take a few pieces and make some of those cute hand-stamped plant stakes. And maybe a couple of spoon rings 😉 What a great find!! -Tammy

  5. So true! You can always do crafts with them. I’ve seen mobiles made using hanging silverware. You could also fill glasses or creamware with them to use in your decor. You could even use them in shadow boxes. The possiblities are endless!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a couple of bracelets made from two spoon handles linked together with beads and jump rings.It’s one of my favorites.

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