Bunting Deck Rail

This summer we added a back deck to our home and still have not decided on a rail.  
We were having a party and I didn’t want anyone falling off the deck so I created a visual rail with some fabric and clothes line.
 Now I know this will not keep anyone from falling, but it at least gave them a visual of where the deck ended.
 I put everything together with my office stapler.  
 I like is so much I think I will keep it up until we decide on a permanent rail.
 I love the way it looks blowing in the breeze.
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  1. What a great idea, I love your fabric choice! I just love bunting, so cute!

  2. It does look great flying in the breeze, what a great idea and of course ya know I love the solar light :).

  3. I can see why you like it! It is so colorful and cheery.
    Some of my railing is rotting and has to be replaced. I’m thinking the deck might look OK without the railing after seeing yours!
    That is what I love about blogging-all the neat ideas we can get from each other!

  4. Dawn,this is not only adorable but also a great idea.Have ton’s of fun with the party!..photo’s please!
    I love a good outdoor party!

  5. What a clever idea that is both a safety precaution and a decorative element as well. I love the way it’s blowing in the wind. I would keep it up all summer, too. Just think of the possibilities ~ you could make a new one with fall fabrics if you still haven’t made up your mind about a permanent railing.

  6. great idea Dawn, and you are right it looks great blowing in the wind!

    Thanks for linking up

  7. Dawn, I love bunting and this is such a clever use for it. We are mulling over a new railing for our pool deck. We want one that is not too hard to keep up(painting-wise) and because it is a huge area, hopefully not too expensive. Also, our home is country so we don’t want one too modern looking. It is sometimes hard to find what you want.

  8. so cute I want to make one and I just thought of a piece of cording I can use. I will try the stapler, maybe it will work. What an inspiration you are. Great idea!

  9. So so pretty and I love that no sewing was involved! :o) that is my kind of bunting!

  10. Hey, I must have missed this post! I love the bunting! I would leave it up all the time too!!! So cute!

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