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Caught in the Act

Kitty Drinking From the Bird Bath | Creative Cain CabinI’ve been wondering why I have never seen a bird in my new DIY birdbath….well now I know why. While talking on the phone with my friend Claudia the other day I mentioned I hadn’t seen any birds bathing, she said it would take some time but once they found it they would continue to come back. Well I now see why there’s no birds. Apparently our cat thinks I put it out there just to be her own little watering station. 

Kitty Drinking From the Bird Bath | Creative Cain CabinI surely will never have a bird if Pirate Morgan Moon Scar keeps this up. The only other critter I have seen near the birdbath was a chipmunk, he was so cute I hated to scare him off. Our kitty is so old, 17, so I won’t scold her but the purpose of a birdbath is for the birds to use not the cat. 

Kitty Drinking From the Bird Bath | Creative Cain CabinNormally when she sees me get the camera out she runs, I am assuming she doesn’t like the click sound the shutter makes. But not tonight she sat right there and let me catch her in the act. I guess the birdbath is now the cats water bowl 🙁 



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  1. That’s so cute, Dawn ~ of course you put it there just for her : ) Our cat loves to drink water wherever he finds it, even my own glass of water when he has the chance!

    1. JoAnne, my cat drinks from my cut too. Now I just get her a bowl with ice water in it ever morning so she’ll leave mine alone.

    1. Linda, my cat is so old but she has been more active the older she gets. This is the first time in 5 years that she’s decided to go outside again. I just changed the water this morning in the birdbath/cat bowl.

  2. Ha ha! What a cute cat! I love her little pink tongue. I have a container water garden with a lotus growing in it and I’m always catching the kitties taking a drink.

    1. Jennifer glad to hear Im not the only one. I sure would like the birds to use it 🙁 but maybe next year.

    1. Susan she is so old but seems to be more active with age so I let her do what she wants.

    1. Andrea I have even caught ours drinking out of my glass during the day. LOL

  3. crafty.grandma says:

    LOL!!!! Love the look on his face!!! I too have made a birdbath in the yard – it used to be my dog’s favorite place he is now in doggie heaven since April – our cat is 17 too!! but hasn’t gone out in years. He became a housecat after getting the dog 14 years ago….right now he – the cat is still mourning his buddy – he has lost so much weight!! all to say I haven’t seen any birds around in our yard …maybe the dog smell still lingers!! I put out some food too but end up throwing it away because it is soggy from rain or humidity! Love your cat’s name!! LOL!!

    1. Our cat hates the dog and stayed in the loft for 5 years to avoid contact with her. I guess she finally decided she had to come out of hiding and explore a little before she dies. I switched our cat to wet cat food about 2 years ago and that’s when she lost all the weight. I wonder if the dry has more fillers and keeps her plumped up?

      1. Lillian Tremblay says:

        How funny is that – when we moved we put the cat in the laundry room to keep him from getting squished and he didn’t budge from there for 4 whole years….until it was time to finish the basement and the laundry room. He fell in love with the guy that was doing the work – I called the guy the cat whisperer because the cat followed him around everywhere! It was only a few weeks ago that I was able to pick him up and showed him the upstairs and then gradually took him on the front stoop. He was soooooo excited that he slept for three straight days!! I thought I gave him a heart attack. I take him once in awhile for a walk in the house but its been 100 degrees so too hot for him to go out! We feed him Light hard food for seniors but sometimes spoil him with some fancy feast tuna – you should him him purrrrr!! LOL!! He came to see me in my craft room before and kept an eye on me. Maybe his mourning period for the dog is ending….

        1. Lillian cats are so funny. I wonder why it takes them years to change their ways.

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Don’t you know that cats rule Dawn..lol..I bought the magazine this morning..Looking forward to reading your article tonight..

    1. Nancy, I still can’t find the current issue of the magazine here 🙁

  5. Cheryl Major says:

    That is just too funny. I could see my cat doing just the same thing. I put up humming bird feeders and my cat jumps up and catches the poor little hummingbirds. I feel like I am ambushing the birds myself.

    1. Cheryl Im not so sure my cat has it in her to catch birds any more but she sure does run them off.

  6. Now that’s a kitty after my own heart. How sweet!
    I had a squirrel laying in my bird bath yesterday. LOL!

    1. Cindy that is to funny, would love to see the squirrel.

  7. I knew the cat was drinking from the birdbath, but now we have photos to prove it!

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