Chase & Sanborn Coffee Can


I apparently get excited easily, and when I took a look at this Chase & Sanborn Coffee Can I squealed with delight. Hubby happened to be caring the can up the stairs from his man cave with some junk, I mean man treasures in it when I spotted it. I quickly asked, “where’d ya get the can” and Hubby said, ” I have a bunch of them, why?” I said, ” I really like it, do you think you could find something else to put that stuff in so I may have it?” With a questioning look on his face he returned to his man cave and put his stuff away.  I looked for the can, but I decided when he didn’t produce it my having it was a big fat NO.



Well three weeks later I come home to find the can all clear from debris, waiting on the island for me. I quickly thanked hubby and set about cleaning up my new vintage can.  Not only are the colors perfect for our home, but I love the fact that it is old. I have never heard of this brand before, although I did quit coffee about 15 years ago. I’m not sure if coffee even comes in a can anymore?  I think plastic is the thing now days.



A few things I noticed about the Chase & Sanborn can….A pound was actually a pound when this coffee was made, now days I think you get 12oz. instead of 16oz.  I love the fact that you also got a 5¢ coupon inside.  I thought to myself 5¢ didn’t seem like a lot, and then I turned the can over and found the price on bottom.  This pound of coffee cost 77¢ back in the day, so I guess a 5¢ savings was pretty good.



Doe’s anyone remember this brand of coffee?

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  1. Yes! I certainly do remember that brand of coffee Dawn :). It was quite popular way back when. Gosh…I feel old!

  2. Doreen, so glad you recognized it. You are not old:) but you do have a great memory.

  3. Oh yes I do!!…My mom and dad used to drink Chase and Sanborn along with Maxwell House…..which ever was on sale!…My dad used to house all of his “hardware” in coffee cans…I did grab one from his tool shed, but not sure If I still have it…I bet my hubby could tell me…my treasured coffee can is an old Maxwell House coffee can that is unopened!!…It is proudly displayed in my butlers pantry/coffee room!…Yes, the colors of the C & S can are wonderful!!..Glad it made it into the house!!

    1. Shirley, I loved reading your story. I bet your M&D also remember when it was under a dollar to buy:) I don’t have any that are un-open like you thought. Must be a man thing to use coffee cans and storage bins.

  4. Rosemary McKinney says:

    I do remember the that is a “great find”…I would have really been drawn to that….funny how something like that thrills my soul….to see the price , etc. just takes me back to a time when things were not so complicated….like you, I loved the color and what you did with it…there is just something about a daisy and something red. Loved the old sewing machine in the back ground and the handles and pulls on it…everything just had a real peaceful feeling.
    When I would find things at my granny’s old house, my daddy would say, what do you want with that old thing? I told him, daddy you just don’t understand. I have a sign that says, ” to them it was a necessity , to us it is a heritage “.. I think that pretty well sums it up…
    Thank you so much for sharing…

    1. Rosemary, I love that story and the saying is just perfect. You are right, we love the old treasures and the stories behind them, the older generation had no attraction to these things. I wonder how an old coffee can, makes me happy but it does. The sewing machine is from a friend of mine, who has passed, great grandmother. The sales slip is still in the drawer, she paid &25 for it and that included the delivery charge. It even still works.

  5. Rosemary McKinney says:

    I looked again, those weren’t daisys but cosmos…which I love, as well…love the way they sway in the breeze…I always sow them…

  6. I remember my mom buying Chase & Sanbourn when I was a child. Nice addition to your porch.

    1. Carolyn, I wonder if this brand is manufactured any more?

  7. Your new post graphics are awesome! I do remember Chase & Sanborn mainly from their commercials??? I buy the cheapest generic coffee at Kroger and it does come in a can. Must be cheaper than plastic! Of course, your pics are amazing.

    1. Ann, I didn’t grow up watching much tv so I must have missed the commercials and now my hubby is a channel surfer so we never see a commercial. LOL I gave up drinking coffee 15 years ago and don’t even remember what I used to drink. I do know that I loved the flavored creams and they were really becoming popular about the time I quit the habit. I enjoy a metal can over plastic any day. Thanks for the kind words:)

  8. I remember the coffee…brought back memories!

    1. Rondell, I am so surprised at how many people recognize the can. I have never seen it before. I sure have enjoyed reading all the comments and memories this can holds for them:)

  9. I do remember this coffee very well. Hadn’t thought of it in years though. In case you “youngsters” don’t know, opening a metal can of coffee back in my day could be quite dangerous.;-) There was a little metal key with a slot in it fastened to the top of the can. You broke it off and slipped a little tab on the side of the can into the slot and turned the key. It would wind up a VERY sharp strip of metal from around the can lid to separate the lid from the can. You could easily get a cut from that strip or the edge of the lid. We kids always thought it was fun to get to open the coffee can but ALWAYS got the same warning, ” Be careful, don’t get cut.” Aaaahhh, memories.

    1. Carla, Love this story. I had no idea that is how you opened a metal can. I remember the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” and that is how they opened a sardine can. LOL I sure have enjoyed reading all the stories. Who would have thought an old coffee can could stir so many memories?

  10. Dawn
    I remember the commercials years ago. I think it was supposed to be
    a more premium coffee.
    It is a treasure, for sure. so sweet of hubby to part with it!
    The color are perfect for your décor.

  11. Kim, I must be the only person on the planted that has never seen this brand or the commercial. LOL

  12. Absolutely! I remember that brand well. Love the bright colors and the graphics. Your husband remembered! Good for him!


    1. Claudia, this darn can has caused quite a stir. Who would have thought all these people remember this brand. Hubby was a little late getting it around but he did come through in the end.

  13. Hi Dawn,
    This is so great. I love the old coffee can and the flowers together. I remember this brand in our house growing up.

  14. Kris, I must be the only one in the world that has never seen this can. I must have been a sheltered child. LOL

  15. I remember this brand of coffee not because I am a coffee drinker but because I was a cashier in a grocery store while going through school. That can is in perfect condition, you need to get down in that man cave and see what other treasures are there.

  16. Linda, What a good idea, don’t tell hubby I’m invading his space looking for treasures. LOL

  17. LOL! Coffee still comes in cans. That coffee can is perfect for you – just the right colors! So nice of your husband to let it go – you need to see what else he has!

    1. Manuela, He just informed me today that he has other old coffee cans. I think I need to go picking through his man cave.

  18. I remember Chase and Sanborn coffee from my childhood. I don’t know if my dad used that brand, but I know the name.

    Great colors for the can a so pretty with the daisies.

    1. Carol, It seems to be a coffee that was popular before my time, but so many of my readers remember it. Thanks for stopping in:)

  19. Coffee can love…it’s the little things in life 🙂 I remember Chase & Sanborn!

    1. Mary, Who would think a coffee can could bring such joy. My hubby informed me last night he has other in his man cave too that I may be interested in. I wonder what other treasures he has down there that I don’t know about?

  20. And to think he had this treasure and you didn’t know it! Colors are perfect. I’d have grabbed it up in a heartbeat.

    1. Brenda, he revealed he has other in that man cave. LOL I better go take a look and see if something else catches my eye.

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