Christmas Cabin After Dark

Christmas Cabin After Dark

Christmas Cabin After DarkLast year I started photographing our cabin after dark with all the lights on, wreaths hanging in the windows, and Christmas lights on the porch. For some reason I really like the look and decided to do it again this year. I had a neighbor call and left me a message saying she could seem the Christmas lights on our porch this year from her second story bathroom. Our home is so far off the road no one can see it, but apparently if you get high enough you can see the lights. 

Christmas Cabin After DarkI’m getting excited about Christmas, my shopping is done, gifts are wrapped, and I’m ready for all the hustle and bustle to come to an end. Hubby and I went shopping yesterday and I must say the store shelves are picked clean. I think most people shop online anymore and stores just don’t stock like they used too 

Christmas Cabin After DarkWhile we were at Menards we noticed they had most of the artificial trees down already and had them replaced with lawn furniture. How crazy is that? Snows on the ground and the stores are decorating for spring. I’m just amazed at how things have evolved over the years. Why are we always ready to get to the next season or holiday when we haven’t even finished the one we’re in yet?

Christmas Cabin After DarkThere’s days I think if the internet would crash and the grid go down people might enjoy what they have at that moment a little more. Life is just to fast paced anymore. This makes me sound old but what happened to the good ole’ days? 

Christmas Cabin After DarkI know families back in the day that did all their Christmas shopping on Christmas eve. That certainly can’t happen now, there’s nothing left to pick from. Target was already marking down all there wrapping paper. I guess if you’re looking for some good deals you can get them before Christmas now. Has anyone else noticed the same things I have? 


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  1. How lovely – and your Christmas tree is my favorite bit. 🙂 I’ve been baking cookies all morning and am almost finished…unless I bake some frosted ones, too – I have to wait a few more days because those will get gobbled up before guests arrive for Christmas. Lol.

    1. Jen I bet the house smells amazing with all the baking going on. Have a Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Pretty lights welcoming you from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Yes! I’m sure Valentine candy is on the shelves as we speak. I use to be the one that went out the day after Christmas to buy presents or decor on sale, now?, not so much. Have a White Christmas Dawn with your family, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I think I’ll try and do a little shopping online the day after Christmas but I’m not running out to the stores for a bargain that’s for sure. I hate fighting the crowds.

  3. Beautiful pics of your house at night, thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you on your thoughts Dawn. I feel people do rush through life too quickly not enjoying what is right there in front of them . I think if we went back to a simpler time then maybe we would be happier in life instead of constantly looking for something to fill a void. If the grid system ever went down we would have a whole generation of zombies with nothing to do—–very scary.

    1. Amanda, I was out yesterday and noticed Easter things in the store already. I guess we’re skipping over Valentine’s Day this year. I would love for life to be simpler, we live amongst the Amish here and often wonder what it would be like.

  4. Your home looks beautiful!! we were driving around tonight looking at all the pretty lights!!

    1. Jeanie I love to do that. It’s hard to find homes decorated in my neck of the woods, farmers aren’t’ the decor type I guess.

  5. Dawn, your home looks lovely. My mom used to say that when she grew up Christmas began with Christmas Eve and ran into January. Shopping and decorating on Christmas Eve was the norm. Now people put up their trees for Halloween and take them down Dec. 26. My tree will go up this weekend and will stay up at least til New Years. I do love the way my house (we are in a log home too) feels with the lights and decorations. Enjoy the season and Merry Christmas.

    1. Becky, our tradition was always decorate the day after Thanksgiving and take it all down the day after Christmas. We travel after that so it needs to be taken care of. I’m always amazed at how much dust that stuff collects, and I’m so ready for a clean home again. Our kids are adults so Christmas isn’t a fun day like it is when kids are little. Merry Christmas!

      1. Oh Dawn, that does make sense especially if you are traveling.

  6. Your Christmas cabin looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays

  7. Your home looks amazing. A cabin way off the traveled path and decor that fits its mood is so welcome in this season of chaos for many. I live alone, my children are grown and even my grandchildren are twenty-somethings, so I can refuse to give in to the insanity. I do no Christmas decorating and no shopping before Thanksgiving. If I miss the “best” prices or the “best” gifts, so be it. I do most of my gift shopping online since the stores have given into or caused the Christmas season itself to be old news by Thanksgiving. To me, the season is not about the gifts, its about family getting together to celebrate being together. I’m always way behind my friends and family who revel in having their Christmas shopping and decorating done before Thanksgiving, but we have so little control over our own lives anymore, this is my way of not giving in and to concentrate on the Christmas season with no other holiday in its way. It’s one old fashioned Christmas tradition I can still hang on to.

    1. Pat, I’m decor is simple and rustic this year and I waited untill the Thanksgiving weekend to start decorating. I’m with you, I do my shopping online to avoid all the crazy people in the stores. Our kids are grown and we don’t do much for Christmas any more. We even go out to dinner Christmas day with family, it’s so much easier than making a big meal. We leave our servers a huge tip in hopes that makes their Christmas a little better with having to work on that day.

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