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Christmas Coffee Table Tray


Easy Coffee Table Vignette Using a Wooden Tray, Greenery, Pinecones, Ornaments, Candle and Birchwood DeerWow our house was a whirl wind yesterday with all the Christmas decorations scattered about. I like to do my decorating in one day and have it over with, I’m not one to let the boxes and totes sit around for days while I tinker at getting it all put together. 

Easy Coffee Table Vignette Using a Wooden Tray, Greenery, Pinecones, Ornaments, Candle and Birchwood DeerI spent about 4 hours yesterday decorating inside and I’ll get the outside done tomorrow. I didn’t go all out this year like I have in past years, I was wanting to keep it simple with a rustic natural feel. I didn’t even add any ornaments to our main tree this year I just let the tiny white lights be it’s decor (upcoming post). 

Easy Coffee Table Vignette Using a Wooden Tray, Greenery, Pinecones, Ornaments, Candle and Birchwood DeerI removed a few things from the fall centerpiece and replaced them with Christmas ornaments and Reindeer for a festive feel. I normally pick two colors, something different every year, and make that my Christmas theme colors but this year I used the same red and white theme that I had last year. 

Easy Coffee Table Vignette Using a Wooden Tray, Greenery, Pinecones, Ornaments, Candle and Birchwood DeerIt seems to work well with the cabin and I dedicated one tree all decorated in firefighter ornaments for my son and since they are mostly red; red was once again the colors used. So I hope you enjoy seeing my home decorated with red again this year 🙂

By the way have a blessed Thanksgiving and if you’re traveling drive safe and wear sweat pants, they’ll give you that extra room you’ll need to fit another piece of pie into your tummy. 

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  1. Your home is always so welcoming. We have a tree up, but not other Christmas decor in sight yet. I will have to take inspiration from your welcoming home look..

    1. Diane I know your home will be stunning, and sometimes just a tree is enough. I didn’t add any decorations to our tree this year, I’m going for the natural look.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    I love the reindeer and the Fireman tree:). Friday I’ll be changing out my Fall decor and start the Christmas decor, going to give some for my daughters home. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day, Kathleen in Az
    Suppose to be 90 on Turkey day too.

    1. Kathleen, wow 90 that’s hot. I decorated outside yesterday in the sleet. Enjoy your day with your daughters.

  3. Dawn, it looks so festive..love the pillow on the chair with the truck and Christmas tree. I have that pattern on a big platter and love it…Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Jeanie that pillow is from Pottery Barn, it’s a few years old but I think they still carry it.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, , your home is always so fresh and cozy. I love simple decorating. I feel that the problem with my house is that the decorating takes weeks to complete, and it feels like I am decorating up until Christmas almost. I wish I could do the inside in one day and the outside in another. Thank you for the inspiration !

    1. Cheryl I do what I can in one day and call it good. I also spend one day outside. Just do what you can and let the rest go, take time to enjoy it.

  5. I love how it all looks, Dawn…the red and white look so nice in your cabin. The older I get, the simpler I decorate. I really like your idea to get it all done in one day – I’ve been doing a method where I do a bit every day for a week or so, but I would rather just get it done and then enjoy it. I’m going to think a theme through over the next couple of days so that I know what I want to do. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Jen, I find if I have a theme and stick with it the decorating goes much faster. I also have an older post on how I organize my ornaments and that helps out with decorating to move along quickly.

      1. I want to thank you again for the snowflakes that you sent to me last Winter….it was so fun to see them again. I never let you know how they were used: you sent enough to use on two a white artificial mini tree (lovely!!)…a 2′ artificial tree which has snowflakes and mini white lights​..a small wreath….and I added some to the rattan chargers on my dining room table. THANKS!!

        1. Jen, I’d forgot all about them. I’m so glad you found a place to use them. I still have mine too and love them 🙂 What a bright spot in my day for you to remind me of them.

  6. Your coffee table tray looks gorgeous and the pops of red on your couch make the room look so cheerful. Love that plaid throw too!

    1. Thank you Barb I have a thing for plaid and checks, lol, I can’t seem to get enough of them.

  7. I absolutely love that you have a firefighter tree. My husband is a retired Air Force Firefighter and currently teaches rescue/extrication and is on Heavy Rescue here in Michigan. Our basement is completely decorated in fire memorabilia; the tree that goes us down there also has nothing but firefighter ornaments.

    1. Brandi, where does your husband teach here in Michigan my son may know him?

      1. He teaches at Lansing Community College and also for START Rescue which travels all over the state teaching for different departments. His name is Don Drent.

        1. Brandi what a small world I live in Bellevue about 30 minutes from Lansing. I will ask my son if he knows him 🙂

  8. Dawn I love your vignette. Those deer are so cute. Your cabin always looks so cozy and beautiful for the holidays.
    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Kris I need to get over to your blog. How are you girl?

  9. Dawn I love it! Its so rustic, simple & elegant. From what I saw in the background the rest looks just as gorgeous. I am like you—craving simplicity this year. I do not start any Christmas till the weekend after Thanksgiving so this is great inspiration. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Amanda, Happy Thanksgiving! I have my blog scheduled up until Christmas and hope I have enough days to share all my pics so I’m glad I started when I did.

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