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DIY Christmas Ornament Window Treatment


DIY Christmas Window Treatment

My Christmas décor this year is all about simple, natural, and easy! And this little project is just that. I took down the black and white buffalo check valance I had hanging in the kitchen to let more light into the cabin during the dreary winter months. For those of you who don’t live in Lower Michigan you don’t know how little we see the sun for months here. Our winters are dark gray skies filled with snow clouds and almost zero days of sun. Now if you live in Upper Michigan it’s totally different the sun shines most winter days there. But for me I needed the space to be brighter and it was the perfect opportunity to dress up the curtain rod with a little Christmas cheer.

DIY Christmas Window Treatment Using Clear Glass Ornaments and Pine Clippings Hung From a Curtain Rod With Ribbon


  • Large glass ornaments, the ones you can buy at any craft store.
  • A stem of fresh or faux greenery, if fresh cedar works the best.
  • Narrow ribbon of your choice.

I had the large glass ornaments in my Christmas totes and decided it was time to put them to use. I did all my decorating this year without buying a thing so it was fun to use something I had and turn it into something new.

I did a similar look in last year’s bathroom, and you can see it here.

DIY Christmas Window Treatment Using Clear Glass Ornaments and Pine Clippings Hung From a Curtain Rod With Ribbon


  • First take off the cap from each glass ornament.
  • Cut your greenery to size the desired, I made mine longer than the ornament so it would curl up inside of it for a little visual interest. I went with a faux stem of greenery for my project, I decided it would last for year and it would be easier to remove if need be.
  • Once all your ornaments are filled, put the cap back on.
  • Attach ribbon in different lengths and tie to the curtain rod.

It’s just a little touch of magic hanging over the kitchen window. It lets the light reflection off the snow in and doesn’t obstruct me from seeing the deer play in the fields.

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  1. Beautiful window display – thanks!

  2. Karen Robbins says:

    That is such a cute idea. And it will give you a pretty scene all winter. I would leave them up even after the holidays are past.

    1. Karen, I agree it’s something that could be kept up all winter long.

  3. Very pretty!! No sun yet in Jackson but it is snowing!!

    1. Jeanie I drove through a blizzard on the highway this morning on my way to work. After slipping and sliding I took the first exit and went the back way to avoid the traffic.

  4. Nancy Cox says:

    Love this. So so cute.

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