Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorated with Green, Rust, Blush, Silver, and Gold OrnamentsI’d like to think I was never getting a Christmas tree this year, but I did finally manage to purchase one from Tractor Supply last weekend which is very late for me. I normally get the tree Thanksgiving weekend, but our local tree farm wasn’t selling this year so I had to go to plan B and by the way I didn’t have a plan B. Living in a small community things just never seem to change and I had no idea our local Christmas tree farm wouldn’t be opening. 

I put it off as long as I could, I needed to get buying or just forget the tree all together. I happened to notice Tractor Supply had there precut, pre-bagged trees on clearance so I took a chance and picked one. This is not my style at all, I’m not one to purchase anything without giving it a good once over, but when the tree is all squished up in a bag ya never know what you’re gonna get. 

Side TableHubby wasn’t with me so no truck I had to load it into the back of my jeep, which also meant the interior would need to be vacuumed afterwards. Can you see where this is getting to be a pain already? I put on my big girl pants and did what had to be done. Into the Jeep it went and away I went. Once I got home I left the tree on the front porch until I located the tree stand. Luckily I’m organized and knew right where it was. 

Since no one was home to help me I decided to leave the tree in the bag, put the stand on the tree, and then carry it into the house. Once inside I cut the mesh bag off the tree and started straightening branches. Well the tree wasn’t too bad, no big holes, or awkward shapes. I guess for $20 I’ll keep it. Amazingly the tree also didn’t have a strange tilt in the stand.

Christmas Tree Decorated with Green, Rust, Blush, Silver, and Gold OrnamentsI let the branches warm up and fall into place overnight and started decorating the next day. I used my retro lights, that will go in the trash once I take them off the tree this year the bulbs are constantly burning out, and added rust, blush, green, silver and gold ornaments to match the rest of the decor already in place.

With grown kids a tree doesn’t matter much anymore but I do like to sit and enjoy it at night with all its sparkle. It’s certainly not a perfectly decorated department store tree but it works for me. 


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  1. It’s beautiful, green and sparkly, and that’s what a tree should be. OH, and I love that you only spent $20. A tree should not force anyone to have to dig down to the very bottom of their bank account. Love this!

    1. Diane I always pay $20 to our local guy and when I started looking other places this year I couldn’t believe the price, wow they are expensive.

  2. The tree is beautiful and kudos to you about getting that tree in the stand and into the house….I am sure your family is thrilled that you took the time and effort to get that tree and decorate it so beautifully!….Have a great day Dawn!

    1. Shirley I don’t’ think they even noticed, lol. Boys don’t care about it at all.

  3. Dawn, I love it and so glad you got one. Over abundance of tree lots around here.

    1. Kim we have tree lots too but I hate the price, so I was being frugal.

  4. Each year I contemplate putting the tree up, should it be smaller? less decorations? But hubby likes the big tree and the grandkids love seeing it. So up it goes every year. Yours looks lovely and seeing the twinkling lights, whether they are wearing out or just blinking on their own, is really pretty.

    1. Linda once I have grands I will go back to a fully decorated Christmas but with grown boys they just don’t care much.

    1. Jennifer I guess Im getting old it’s coming to that point for me.

    1. Thank you Kris, and Merry Christmas to you as well.

    1. Thank you Judy, have a wonderful Christmas with your grands 🙂

  5. I think your tree is just beautiful, Dawn! Your story reminds me of a Christmas when I was alone and had to wrestle with a tree and a stand on my own. But I did it by myself and felt it was quite an achievement once it was up! Now I only use tabletop trees, but it doesn’t make me feel OLD!!!

    1. Jane I will either give up on a tree or go to tabletops myself here shortly. Im not sure anyone in my house even noticed it, lol. Boys!

  6. Dawn, your beautiful decorating always delights me! Your tree is lovely and very joyful! I love the colors that you chose! You inspire me! Merry Christmas!???

    1. Debbie, you are to sweet. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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