Clearance @ Pier 1

Did a little shopping today and hit the clearance section at Pier 1.  I seldom get a chance to shop there, so it was a nice treat and even better when I purchase something. 
The plates are salad size, and I will incorporate them into my Thanksgiving table.
I do have a rule about purchases such as this.  I like to buy in lots of 4, that way I can mix and match and the theme doesn’t seem sparse. 
 Lucky me, there were 4 of each pattern just waiting for me to take them home.
If the sun ever shines here again I will take photos of my Thanksgiving table using these lovely new finds!!
Do you mix dinnerware patterns or are you one who likes everything to match?

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  1. I mix! Love what you found at Pier 1 and I can’t wait to see your Thanksgiving table, it will be beautiful with the addition of those plates!

  2. So pretty, I love the colors and the patterns. You will be able to use these for so many different occasions! I love pier 1 and rarely get to shop there too.

    Can’t wait to see your table, I am sure it will look fabulous!


  3. Dawn
    The colors are perfect for your home!
    I would love to mix, but don’t have
    enough to do so. I guess I need to
    go shopping!

  4. I love the new plates! I love Pier 1 but seldom buy there cuz they are so pricey! Did you know I am a dish nut! I have so any sets of them and I like to mix too!

  5. It’s always so nice to score at the Pier 1 clearance shelf. I love the dishes and yes, I do mix and match. When I have the chance to set a pretty table I want to play with as many things as possible. The sun is not shining here either today. Patty

  6. I like to mix dinnerware patterns, but I’m not real creative with it. I look forward to seeing what you are going to do. You are a real inspiration to me.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. I love to mix it up. And besides, I sometimes don’t have enough of one pattern any way. When I have a tea party, I like to give everyone a cup with a different pattern.

  8. What some great finds! I also LOVE to mix dinnerware up! I have a wonderful collection of Polish pottery in many patterns- and love to use this collection every day.

  9. I’m a mixer too Dawn and these are fabulous. I don’t go to Pier1 often but when I do I always start right for the clearance section. You did good girl!

  10. Oh my gosh those yellow bird plates are awesome. Great purchase! I just might have to visit my Pier 1. Can’t wait to see your table. Your pics are beautiful too.

  11. Green and yellow both plates are fabulous looks. This all plates are salad size plate. Thank you for giving me suggestion purchase for salad plates.

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