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Coffee Mug Herb Garden

coffee mug herb garden
Do you remember those hugh, ginormous, chalkboard coffee mugs I picked up last fall?  Well I am no longer using them for hot chocolate, so I decided to plant a Coffee Mug Herb Garden. The grocery store I shop at sells small potted herbs in the produce section and this week they were on sale so I decided it was time to grab them and get them planted.

coffee mug herb garden I picked up cilantro, rosemary, parsley, and chives; all things I cook with on a regular basis. In the summer I have them growing fresh right outside my kitchen door, but I do long for the taste of fresh herbs about this time of year. I think fresh cut taste so much better than dried any day. 

Coffee Mug Herb GardenOne of the best things about the mugs are the chalkboard portion. There’s a big circle that mimics a flower on each mug and I wrote the name of each herb on the mug. Super cute right? Oh, and did I mention the mugs were free? Even better. Now I can enjoy some fresh flavor in my dishes, I can’t wait to use them.





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  1. That is such a fantastic idea! I love herbs and I love coffee, and I am really peculiar about mugs so this would be a fantabulous project for me!

    1. Natasa, the mugs are from Menards and they are huge, I bet they hold 2.5 cups of liquid so it’s plenty of room for a plant to root.

      1. That is even better then! How much were they? And I will definitely be saving one for actual coffee too ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Natasa, they were free with rebate ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good use of the coffee mugs Dawn. I plant in really big tea cups … and teapots … and kettles ๐Ÿ™‚ I love planting outside the pot as I call it. I’m sure the herbs on your window ledge smell lovely and are so handy for a pinch to add to cooking.

    1. Linda, so far I have kept these alive. I have found the secret to indoor plants is potting mix not actual potting soil. So far so good and my meals are tasting delicious.

  3. Love your coffee mug herb garden. Looks so pretty in your window sill. I also love your new blog:)

    1. Thank you Debbie, I am surprised how many have noticed that I switched themes.

  4. Oh I want to do this. I will maybe look around and see what I have for containers. Will you transfer them to bigger outdoor pots?

    1. Ann, I think I will keep them inside as long as I can and once they start looking bad I will transfer them to the large herb garden outside. I did learn to use potting mix instead of soil, I have a tendency to overwater and this stuff works much better and keeps the herbs alive not drowning in heavy water downed soil.

  5. I remember those mugs!
    I love fresh herbs for cooking and they
    look so nice in your cute mugs.
    Having the chalkboard on the front is perfect for labeling them!

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping by I know you are busy packing thins up.

  6. Your coffee mug herbs look so pretty!

    1. Thank you Debbie and the plants are growing every day.

  7. Oh, Dawn! This is right up my alley! LOVE the happy mugs and all the great herbs. What a fun combination!

    1. Yvonne, thanks for stopping by they are a great treat in my dishes lately.

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    They look so nice on your windowsill Dawn..I will try using the potting mix instead of soil for inside..

    1. Nancy, I think the potting soil is just to heavy and so far I have kept these herbs longer inside than any others. I think I may have found the trick.

      1. Dawn, Just wondering how this works without drainage? Did you put rocks below the potting mix? You didn’t have to drill holes in the cups did you?

        1. Amy, no nothing in the bottom I just use potting mix instead of potting soil it is light and doesn’t allow the roots to get waterlogged.

  9. And how many mugs have I passed up at thrift stores and yard sales saying, “Wish I could think of something to do with these.” They’d make wonderful spring gifts to family and friends. I think I’ll do it!

    1. Drew, perfect idea you family and friends will love such a gift. I have found if I use potting mix rather than potting soil they will live forever inside. The soil is to heavy and seems to drowned them.

  10. Hi Dawn,
    Whats the trick to planting herbs in pots without drainage? My husband is convinced I can’t do it! Also are you still offering your custom blog design service? I can’t seem to find it on your newly designed page.

    1. Carmen I just use seed starter rather than potting soil. The seed starter is lighter and doesn’t seem to weigh down the herbs and drowned the out. I just took the service down when I changed themes. I am into baseball season with my son and getting all his college things done. So for now I am not doing it.

  11. I sure do remember those mugs! I went to 3 different Menards and they were all sold out lol. What you did with them is just fantastic!

    1. Penney, darn it ๐Ÿ™ My herbs are going strong in them. I just cut some this morning for my breakfast.

      1. I can probably find something around here to do a riff on your mugs ๐Ÿ™‚ a couple months ago I got some chalkboard labels from Pick Your Plum so I could definitely incorporate those ๐Ÿ™‚ If I can remember to do it this weekend, I’ll try to figure out how to send a picture!

        1. Penney, would love to see your pic. Do send it over for sure.

        2. I went out and got a couple herbs (I don’t like most of them, lol). Hubby thought the mugs I wanted to use were not deep enough, so I picked up a couple terra cotta pots and painted them a light green I had laying around. I then used my chalkboard stickers and put Cilantro and Parsley on them for labels. Our 90 year old kitchen doesn’t have window sills although the windows are fairly new, so hubby created a little shelf out of some cedar siding we had in the garage. Couldn’t figure how else to upload the picture except to Instagram, where you can find me as penneypea ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. Got those laundry sorter bags washed too! ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Penney, I will go find you on IG for sure I want to see your cute herb garden. Good for you getting the laundry bins clean:)

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