Collecting Artwork For A Gallery Wall

Favorite Artist For Artwork CollectionsIn an earlier post I shared with you our gallery wall I created around the tv and am back today to show you the artwork I picked to go in the frames. While poking around Etsy one day I stumbled upon a print by the artist, Holly Ward Bimba, and was instantly in love with the designs. 

Has that ever happened to you, you see a particular artist’s things and know instantly they’ve captured your style perfectly? Well that’s what happened to me, as I browsed her prints I wanted them all, and couldn’t find anything she’s done that I didn’t LOVE. For me it’s very rare to find an artist that I connect with and feel like they have my vision in mind when they created. 

Of course I couldn’t stop at just one print I had to have several, and would love many more but I have no place for them. Below are the prints currently in our gallery wall.

Favorite Artist For Artwork Collections

Here’s a link to her shop, CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PRINTS IN THIS ARTIST’S COLLECTION. Not only does she have prints she also designs fabric, and yes I have some of that too. I’m always excited to get something in the mail from her the way she ships and packages them is equally creative and artistic as what’s inside.  

Favorite Artist For Artwork Collections

Favorite Artist For Artwork CollectionsI think I’ve finally found prints I never seem to get tired of looking at. I enjoy them everyday and have never thought of replacing them. For our home I think they’re the perfect fit. 

Favorite Artist For Artwork Collections


Farmhouse Printables, Harvest Printables, Farmhouse Style

Peaches Download    |    Cherry Download     |     Pumpkin Download


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  1. cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, your prints are wonderful. I love the colours and design. They look perfect on your gallary wall like they were made for it. Thanks for sharing.
    P. S. …I just finished 60 jars of your spaghetti sauce….1.5 bushels to be exact.

    1. Cheryl you go girl that’s sure a big batch of sauce 🙂

  2. Yes, I have an artist who’s art I really connect to and it’s my son. His degree is in painting with a minor in graphic design, but his art spans other genre such as pottery, wood, and metal works. I have bought so much art from him, especially his pottery – it just speaks to me and goes perfectly in my decor. I was pinning all kinds of ideas for around the t.v. console, but what I ended up with is one of his wood sculptures made from slab wood. It’s simple yet beautiful and full of texture. The colors are perfect in the room and it spans just the right amount of wall. It goes with the pottery and painting that he made that are also in the room. I suppose it all works so well together because it’s made by the same artist. He also built my t.v. console, the coffee, and end tables that are in the room.

    1. I would love to see samples of his work. Any way to see his work online?

    2. Jen your son how fantastic 🙂 You must be very proud and lucky to get custom piece made by him.

  3. Kris Medcroft says:

    Hi Dawn, Love the prints you have chosen, but the beautiful Gladiolas are driving me nuts blocking the view of one of your prints. I totally understand about the artist. I recently found a potter who I really connect with because her use of bright colours.

    Devon England

    1. Kris the print that is blocked is the birds in the nest. Don’t you just love it when you find the perfect artist?

  4. I love the pillow on the chair!! What is the fabric “name” and where could I buy it?

    1. Mary I have no idea what the name of the fabric is but I purchased it from a local quilt shop in my area.

  5. Your artist nature prints look perfect against your wood walls, Dawn.
    I am so wanting to freshen my LR, maybe new art is just what I need.

    1. Kim throw pillows and art would be a great way to freshen up. Maybe even use free art from the internet.

    1. Shirley the artist is having a moving sale right now so I may have to buy a few more, lol.

    1. Thanks Kris It’s one of our favorite walls right now.

  6. Your tv wall looks wonderful! And I love the colours, perfect!

    1. Cindy I was so lucky to find the amazing artist that connected with my style.

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