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colorful summer porch mini makeover For $12

Log Home Summer Porch With Bright Colors and Thrifted Things

As promised (a while back) I’d share with you the few changes I made to the front porch seating are using garage sale and thrifted things outside my comfort zone.

When I say outside my comfort zone I mean color. I’ve been attracted to the color pallet from the 70’s for a while now. I’ve always liked the color orange anyway so it seemed fitting to pick up a couple of orange chenille pillow covers.

I have the luxury of not having to use waterproof outdoor pillows since our deck is covered, so I’m more flexible in what I use.  Everything was thrifted or it’s things I already had. 

Log Home Summer Porch With Bright Colors and Thrifted Things

I reused the blue and white buffalo check pillow and the blue tropical pillow from last year. The green leaf pillow I picked up for $4 and it still had the tag on it. It’s from Target and it’s part of the Magnolia line. The large body pillow was $3 tag still on and was also a Target Magnolia line pillow. The $2 orange pillows were just covers so I stuffed them with pillows I already had. And the darling bug came from a garage sale for $4. So for $12, I have a new/different look!

If you’ve been following along with me for a while I’ve mentioned I’m into studio pottery pieces and my favorite are locally signed pieces. I brought my house plants outside for the summer so now my house looks bare but I like giving them sun exposure when I can. I’ve had a hard time keeping the fiddle leaf fern from tipping over constantly. We get a lot of wind all the time on the porch. I ended up wedging it between the loveseat and table to keep it upright.

Log Home Summer Porch With Bright Colors and Thrifted Things

Our front porch goes the entire length of the house and the side you can’t see has a teak table and chairs set up for outside dining. Hubby hates battling flies while he eats so we never use it. I guess at this point it’s just for show. The cat, Sox enjoyed laying on it though. 

Did you happen to notice I didn’t bother taking down my close line that stretches between the poles on the deck? I figured you might as well see how it really is. I use the close line several times a week and love how convenient it is for me. It’s just under the porch enough that even if it rains the clothes stay dry. 

I spend some portion of my day every day outside sitting on the porch. I’m actually writing this post on the porch right now. I’d like to replace the furniture at some point when I find just what I’m looking for. I’d like to have a piece of furniture long enough to nap on. The loveseat just doesn’t cut it for that purpose. 

Log Home Summer Porch With Bright Colors and Thrifted Things

I’ve been debating on a sectional for a while now but just can’t seem to find something I like well enough to spend the money on. I hope you enjoyed my colorful summer porch mini makeover. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  1. Have you received any rain yet?

    1. DeeDee,
      We had one day that it rained for 4 hours and we ended up with an inch of rain, but other than that we’ve had nothing.

      1. DeeDee Clark says:

        I’ll keep praying.

    1. Jeanie,
      Thank you, my friend. I like getting a new look on a budget, especially since I spend so much time on the porch.

  2. Just my style! I love the colors too. My entire covered patio is furnished with
    second hand furniture too…..only red, white and blue. Front portch in green and white and I used a touch of apricot/peach this year.

    1. Marie,
      Secondhand is the best. You know I normally like the look of thrifted items so much better than going to the store and buying new ones. If you shop in the stores you have to buy the colors that are in style at the time, and I’m not always into those colors.

    1. Thank you Sandy, that was so sweet to say 🙂

  3. Susan Cogan says:

    very nicely done, Dawn! Will we ever give up our clothes lines? lol

    1. Susan, No I will never give up my clothes line. I even use it in the winter and also dry it inside on huge Amish made fold out clothes racks. I haven’t used my laundry room dryer in years.

  4. Cowgirl Diva says:

    Cozy…..Creative….Comfortable..!! Thanks for sharing..!! Enjoy…!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by for a look-see Cowgirl Diva 🙂

  5. I love how it looks, Dawn – that orange accent is great with your green table. My favorite piece is your bug… adorable!
    My husband put up 2 Amish-style clotheslines for me. They run from two deck posts to the corner of the garage. I like how your laundry can stay up even in the rain. I have 2 of the large Amish drying racks – so sturdy!!

    1. Jen,
      That bug was picked up at a garage sale. I think it would look cute with a plant on when I get tired of the candle.
      We are a lot alike I also have 2 large Amish drying racks that I use indoors all winter long. I really dont need an electric dryer, and haven’t used the one I have in years.

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