No Boil Mac & Cheese and More Snow

It seems winter will never end in my parts. The snow just keeps coming and coming, the highways have been shut down several times and today there was an 80 car pile up. Luckily hubby was just in front of it and was spared. I love our Michigan winters but this one sure is hitting us with both barrels. Even the county has quit plowing, and mail delivery is nonexistent. Apparently that old postman saying, “”Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds” doesn’t hold true in my neck of the woods. So when we have so many bone chilling days in a row it makes me long for one pot comfort food and today I felt like some good ole’ Mac and Cheese. I like to make my meals as simple as possible, and this is an easy recipe there is no need to boil the pasta before you throw it all into a dutch oven.


Mac $ Cheese

I mix all the ingredients in one pot and throw a few ham steaks on top. It couldn’t be easier, it takes under 15 minutes to throw it all together and just let your oven do the rest. It’s a good hearty meal on a cold winters day. I served this after my kids pulled 3 stuck cars out of our road, the cars weren’t even in the ditch the snow was taller than me all the way across the road so they just came to a dead stop when they could’t go any further. My kids used 2 of our trucks and the bobcat to pull, push, plow and tug until the cars were moved. I’m so thankful to have such good hearted, helpful kids. 


Mac & Cheese


If you’re looking for an easy dinner to make this is a go to for me every time, and the family loves it. Who doesn’t love a big bowl of creamy mac and cheese? What are your favorite comfort foods on these cold winter days?


No Boil Mac & Cheese
Serves 8
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
1 hr 15 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
1 hr 15 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1# Pasta
  2. 8 oz Sour Cream
  3. 8 oz Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  4. 1 Quart Chicken Stock
  5. 16 oz. Diced Velvetta Cheese
  6. 1 Jar Ragu Cheese Creations 4 Cheese
  1. Add all the ingredients to a Dutch oven, give a good stir to assure everything in combined. Top with a lid and bake.
  1. Bake covered for 60 minutes. Uncover and bake the remaining 15 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving.
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Christmas Ornament Party Button


And just a reminder our monthly Christmas Ornament party will be this Sunday. I can’t wait to see how this months critters turned out.





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  1. We got hit pretty hard again last night, didn’t we? The roads up to my kids’ Grandma’s house weren’t plowed at all so my little car had quite the time getting through. Boy, am I ready for spring! But I’d take a nice, big bowl of your macaroni and cheese first. 🙂 Take care and stay warm, Dawn!

    1. Denise, yes I think we have had our share of snow and winter already. Next will be mud before it looks any better out there.

  2. Dawn
    I’ve never heard of macaroni you didn’t have to cook ahead.
    I’ve got to try this!

    1. Kim, I never boil any pasta, I just add enough liquid to accommodate for it and throw it in the oven. I feel it is an unnecessary step that can be avoided and save you some time.

  3. Mac n Cheese is my all time favorite! This recipe sounds great, I’m going to have to try it. Pinned it. It sounds like you have some great kids!
    Adina @ Simply Country Life

    1. Adina, I am all for one pot recipes that are easy, and yes my kids are wonderful 🙂

  4. Great recipe Dawn…nothing like Mac ‘n Cheese with Ham!..So happy that your hubby was ahead of that pile up…you certainly have had a record winter!…

    1. Thanks for stopping in Shirley, I think I am ready for winter to be over and move my menu to salads.

  5. We got another dump of snow on Tuesday and yet today the temperatures have risen to about +6 Celsius … sun and melting happening and I actually stood on the deck (where it feels warmer) and ate my yogurt. I hope this is the beginning of the end of winter, but I won’t hold my breath.
    Homemade Mac & cheese is a favourite of ours too, I love to add bacon and tomato to it as well.
    I’m sure everyone appreciated your mac & cheese.

    1. Linda, The sun was out here yesterday and it actually felt hot coming in my car window while I was driving. What a nice warm feeling it was. My hubby like tomatoes in his macaroni too, but he is allergic to pork so we don’t eat any in our house.

  6. This looks absolutely amazing. The perfect thing for a cold night and it couldn’t be easier. Yum.

    1. Ann, I agree and a one pot meal is a favorite of mine.

  7. I had to laugh about the postman not delivering mail. I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and we still have had our mail every day. We’ve had plenty of snow as well.

    1. Debi, I am in lower Michigan but live in a very small village and I think the post office here makes their own rules, but many mailboxes are buried in snow so he can’t get to them anyway.

  8. Oh my gosh Dawn. You are going to hate to hear this but it was 77 degrees here today! You need all those hearty meals for your family because it must take a lot of energy just to walk around in all that snow! This dish looks fabulous but it’s off limits for us right now. Still doing low carb. I tried the cauliflower crust pizza one night and it was delicious!

    1. Jane, so glad to hear you tried the pizza crust. I wish I could say I was off the carbs 🙁 Since my fall I can’t exercise and it’s certainly not helping the waist line. Wow 77 we wont see that till July here.

  9. YUM! This looks so good. We are getting heavy rain tomorrow. Thunderstorms. A lot of our 80 inches of snow has been melting with the weather being in the 40’s the last few days. Crazy weather. They said we will be back in the teens next week!

    1. Kris, yep same forecast for here today too. Strange weather going on, and now our dirt road will be a mud hole.

  10. Posts like these make me pine for home! It’s cold here, but we never get precipitation, it’s also odd that we have all these sub-climates too! I was hoping we would have gotten a snow day so I’d get a day off from work, that didn’t happen =)

    1. Well you need to come to my neck of the woods if you want a day off. Businesses that have never shut down have been closed. If it is going to be cold I want the snow. It looks like Spring is a long way off at this point.

  11. This is one of our favourite meals in our home….great way to use leftover ham from Sunday dinner! And I so hear you on all this snow….we’ve had about three heavy snowfalls this week…schools are closed for a second time this week (and Monday was a day off as well, for “Islander Day”). We haven’t had a winter like this for many years!!

    Hubby has shovelled a dozen times to keep a spot cleared out for two little east coast fire-side sitting doxies!!


    1. Charlotte, I think everyone is over all this snow. We had a warm day yesterday and today will be thunderstorms and then right back into that polar freeze. No spring in our future here yet 🙁

  12. Hi Dawdie! Oh, thanks for the recipe. A one potter is always great! Looks so good too. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,Shelia 😉

  13. Hi Dawn!
    This recipe really caught my attention today! I’ve never made mac and cheese this way and I love the idea of putting it all in the Dutch oven. Sounds great!

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