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Container Gardening ~ Use the Unexpected

Container Gardening | Use the Unexpected | Use Containers You Already Have | Twitter.com/CCainCabin | pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #ContainerGardeningI know I said I wouldn’t do any more vegetable planting until June 1st, but I just couldn’t resist. I figured planting my peppers in a container meant I could bring them inside if there’s a chance of frost. I already had to cover my 2 cherry tomato plants the other night. Michigan is very unpredictable the month of May, it could be 80 or it could snow you never know so you always have to be prepared. 

Container Gardening |Use the Unexpected | Use Container You Already Have |Twitter.com/CCainCabin | pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #ContainerGardeningYou probably remember my rusty, yellow tool box when it was filled with Spring Viola’s. Well those have long expired and it was time to repurpose the tool box with something edible planted inside. My goal is to plant my garden in containers that I already have as well as make it look original and like I had an actual plan not just a random bunch of junk with plants stuffed into them.

Container Gardening | Use the Unexpected | Use What You Already Have | Twitter.com/CCainCabin | pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #ContainerGardeningNormally I purchase my plants in those little 4 pack cells, but this year I have noticed everything is being sold in the 6 pack cells. That’s not very convenient when you don’t want that many plants in the same variety. I would love to have 6 tomato plants, but I want different kinds and there’s no way to mix them up in the cells. Apparently this is a new strategy the plant companies are using. So what I have been doing is planting what I want and then asking my friends on FB if they would like my overflow. 

Container Gardening | Use the Unexpected | Use What You Already Have | Twitter.com/CCainCabin | pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #ContainerGardeningI planted 4 of the pepper plant in my toolbox and I have the other 2 reserved for another project (you will have to stop back by and see what that is). I have to do some thinking before planting and remember what size each plant will end up being and make sure the containers not going to be to small as the plant matures. Also with container gardening I have to schedule fertilizing the plants once a month. I use fish emulsion, it’s organic and the plants love it but boy does it stink for a few days. The smell of dead fish is strong until it gets a few waterings. My girlfriends dog ate a whole container of it one time…it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Can you imagine that dogs breath? Wow, no dogie kisses from that one for a while.

Container Gardening | Use the Unexpected | Use What You Already Have | Twitter.com/CCainCabin | pinterest.com/dawncain/ | #ContainerGardeningSo far I am happy just puttering and getting a few things into the soil. I remember as a kid we had a huge garden and my Mom canned all summer long. I never realized how much work she had in front of her along with working a full time job. The worst part about a big garden is all the weeding, we had a tractor and did a lot of tilling with that but there was still those in-between the plant spots that only the backbreaking task of a human could do. So container gardening is the perfect solution, very little weeding and I enjoy it so much more.



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  1. my saying is “think outside the pot” and “if it holds dirt, you can grow in it”
    hope the peppers do well in the old tool box

    1. Linda, brilliant saying. I hope they do well also. I normally only get about 2 peppers per plant so I guess I can’t go wrong with trying them in the toolbox.

  2. Cute idea and we haven’t even planted anything yet. Hubby doesn’t want to fool with it, but I want some tomato plants at least.

    1. Kim the nice thing about tomatoes is you could plant them in a big pot and not have to worry about working up the soil.

    1. Thank you Martina I sure hate to buy new things when I can make do with what I already have.

  3. I just bought me an old red rusty Radio Flyer pull wagon and plan to plant some flowers in it but will have to wait until we get to MI!! Thanks for the inspiration. You must show pictures as soon as your flowers take over the box. -Bev

    1. Bev, Brilliant idea that will look just darling.

  4. I am going to the nursery this morning so I will look for some fun pieces for planting.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Carol, how fun I still need to pick up a few things I am behind this year. It seems like I live at baseball games.

  5. I love the idea of a container vegetable garden. Especially in such creative containers. Hopefully you don’t see anymore frost. June is almost here. xo Laura

    1. Laura, I am hoping no more frost too. If I can get through 2 more weeks it should be good.

  6. I remember my dad’s big garden, we ate from that garden all summer long, thank goodness I wasn’t made to weed it. You know though, I miss it and all the great vegetables we had from it!

    1. Rondell, I hate weeding too but love eating the veggies.

  7. I love that old yellow tool carrier Dawn and I’m sure your summer container garden will look great in contrast with the bright yellow. I’m headed to the nursery today in hopes of finding some plants to fill my containers…thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Char, I still need to get more plants too but don’t seem to have the time. I sure hope there not all gone by the time I get there.

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