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Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter

DIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray Paint

Okay yes, I’m obsessed with copper spray paint. It’s still very cold out here so I’ve had to get creative with how to do a project outside but I’ve managed to get the job done. I’ll say it again this paint is brilliant it has a shine just like real metal, covers most of the time in one coat, and dry time is faster than any spray paint I’ve ever used. Well-done Rust-Oleum! Oh and did I mention I’ve made several projects from just one can?

DIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray PaintDIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray PaintDIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray Paint

I found the tube pan at a local thrift shop for 50¢ and had planned on making a beauty ring for my camera. Well that never happened and it was collecting dust in my craft stash so I decided to give it a new purpose by turning it into a copper succulent planter.

DIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray Paint
With winter lingering on I needed a fresh look on the coffee table so I created a vignette with my new planter, (if you missed it click here). I don’t know if it works this way for you, but for me a simple change like adding flowers or plants give the place life again and seems to keep me aware that spring will be here soon.

DIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray Paint

What I did:

  • Spray-painted the tube pan in copper paint
  • Added fish tank pebbles to the pan
  • Used faux succulent plants pushed down into the pebbles

DIY Easy to Make Copper Tube Pan Succulent Planter Using Spray Paint

It couldn’t be easier and I think my green brown thumb can handle it. I can grow things outside but I can kill an indoor plant faster than anyone I know. I think I’m an overwater-er but not certain on that so I just leave my gardening skills to the great outdoors and stick with the faux version for inside.



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  1. Your succulent display looks lovely Dawn. I used the spray paint in silver last year to make a gazing ball for the garden. There was lots so spray a few other things too and I think I still have some left in the can for a project for this year.

    1. Linda how did it hold up in the garden? I was wanting to use it outside too but wasn’t sure if it was durable enough, and would be anxious to hear.

      1. Barbara Booth says:

        I don’t have a gazing ball but I did find a bowling ball at the goodwill, I painted it with the metallic paint and put it out in my yard. It’s been out there for about 3 years now and looks as good as the first day I put it out there. It holds it’s color really well.

  2. I LOVE this!!!….I just may have to set some succulents and dress up my copper basket….and what gorgeous photography Dawn!!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Shirley I’ve found Hobby Lobby has the most real looking succulents:)

  3. Dawn, your photographs of this project are stunning, and I would have never guessed that the succulents were faux! I will have to pick up a can of this copper metallic paint at the store. It’s so pretty!

    1. Jane I’ve seen that paint in the other metal finishes and they’re all stunning. I think it’s a hit with me that’s for sure. I have one other project to share using it.

  4. I love your little succulent garden.

    We have a shop in town that only sells succulents. I think I need to stop by and find plants.

    Stay warm and keep creating!

    1. Carol I bet it’s just a darling spot to shop, what a treat. We have nothing special like that here! Staying warm isn’t happening it’s 23 today!

  5. Now aren’t you clever.. Lol. I love these simple projects.. High five!!! I Agee your photography is awesome!!

    1. Thank you Melissa Im so glad I finally found a purpose for that thrift store buy.

  6. Dawn – Love this project! The copper looks so good with the succulents. Great job!


    1. Thank you Judy spray paint is always the answer to bring something back to life.

  7. That is a nifty DIY project and it looks so darn nice!!

    1. Thank you Jeanie and I love using the faux’s they look so real.

  8. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, I do like the copper spray alot…might have to look into getting some. I would never have guessed that those plants were not real. Great pictures !!

    1. Cheryl those faux are fantastic right? I won’t buy real when I can get away with these. My green thumb is long gone for inside plants, lol. I doing another copper spray paint project tomorrow. I’m addicted to that stuff.

  9. I love decorating with succulents. You have done a great job here, very clever idea using that as a container and the faux plants look fab!

    1. Sam thank you for stopping by, I have a brown thumb when it comes to inside plants so faux is best for me.

  10. Love this! I’m an easy mark for anything succulent related. They are my fave, probably because I can’t kill them! Visiting from Silver Pennies party.

    1. Victoria, Im not sure what it is about succulents but they are so attractive and unique. I’m so glad I found a good use for the thrifted pan and thank you for stopping by today!

  11. I think it would add to the piece if you put a candle in the middle! I am going to try this thx for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Great idea Heidi while thrifting today I spotted 2 more of the tube pans, but I didn’t get any.

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