Cornbread Chalkboard

My teenage son seems to slip out of the house without getting anything done, so I decided there would be no excuses if I posted the Chores in Black and White.
 I started with a section of plastic back-splash that I already had on hand,
cut out the center to give it a framed appearance,
cut a section of white board,
 paint the white board with chalk board paint, and the frame with “Cornbread” yellow paint,
 then I added a little brown toner,
 flipped it over and duct taped the white board into place,

tied a string to the chalk and attached it to the frame with an old, rusty spring.

Now he should know exactly what chores are to be done!

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  1. very cute, Dawn! I love the tin look and the color. Maybe I should make one for my teenage daughter! 😉


  2. I was just looking at a ceiling tile on the porch wondering what I could do with it….I now know what it’s next life will be. Love that cornbread color too! Thanks Dawn for the great idea.

  3. OH….and that old rusty spring is just the most perfect way to keep the chalk attached. LOVE IT

  4. I am always amazed at the imagination and creativity of other bloggers. This is a great idea which I would never have thought of. Good job. Shannon

  5. Good luck with this! If I had a dime for every note I left my kids I’d be rich…the chalk board idea is genius. Let us know how it goes!

  6. Hello!

    I found your blog through Bunny at “La Sewista.” I must say, I feel quite at home here! We’re so much alike! I’m into sewing and fashion…home dec and gardening…I have a degree in Biology (although I’ve never used it)…and I’m a small town girl. I’m a coupon lady, too…but, I never look quite as cute as you do when I go out for the paper!

    My In-laws have a beautiful log home…they’re in the process of selling it :o( …downsizing to a condo across the road from my hubbin and me. But…we have many happy memories to treasure.

    I shall be back to visit you again. You can count me a follower!


  7. Another great project.. thanks for the inspiration! I’ve had some of those awesome little panels for almost a year to put up as my backsplash :-/ I need some of your energy/motivation to accomplish more! 😀 Have a great week! -Tammy

  8. I love it Dawn! Anything with that tin ceiling look is awesome in my book and I am also partial to chalkboards for leaving notes all over my house.

  9. how’s it working? if this gets chores done around the house we’ll all be making them 🙂

  10. This chalk board is such a great and useful idea. But what I love is how chic and over-the-top adorable it is! You are very creative and made a designer quality chalkboard with what you had on hand! KUDOS to you!
    And even if your boys are a work in progress, you have a very cute new decor piece!

  11. I love this….really cool idea, you my friend are so talented, just love what you do to everything!

  12. Brilliant! Love the color and the little spring..I have a whole jar of those and wondered what to do with them! Good luck with the chores!

  13. How THAT is cleaver! Thanks for sharing. Big smiles!

    Visiting from Ladybird Ln- Weekend Show Off Party,
    ~Suzanne in Illinois

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