Cosmos, the second flower to survive the deer this season.  This flower is another go to for me.  I plant cosmos every year from seed directly into the ground and do nothing after that.  They always seem to thrive no matter what the conditions.  They are very drought tolerant and I love the fact that they grow so tightly together that I never have to weed them.  These would be a great flower to plant on a hillside, they would give off a showy bloom all summer long and they seem to reseed themselves every year.  Cosmos are also a beautiful cut flower for any room in your house.  If you missed the other flower that survived in my garden, zinnias, you can see them here.





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  1. I don’t remember to plant them every year but they were the FIRST flower that I ever planted as a little girl. I guess that my mom and grandmother knew that they couldn’t fail, and I’d learn to love flowers and gardening due to my first planting success. And it worked : ) They are just a wonderful annual to have….your photos made me smile 🙂

    1. Debra, what a wonderful comment to read first. So glad it brought back memories for you:)

    1. Thank you Martina, and the best part is they are easy to grow. They never fail.

  2. Dawn,
    The colors are so pretty and they look like they are dancing. Beautiful.

    1. Kris, Yes they do come in beautiful colors. They sure brighten up my kitchen, I have a row of them in vases on my windowsill.

  3. I love cosmos in the garden. A few years ago I received some orange cosmos in a seed swap and they have become my favourite. They are just starting to go to seed and I’ll be saving them for next year.

    1. Linda I have never seen them orange. I bet they are beautiful:)

  4. I don’t plant anything from seed but really should start. The colors are amazing and I’m glad the deer don’t like them!

    1. Ann, I hate how much a flat of flowers costs and seeds are much cheaper. I normally by about a 5 year supply at once. I buy in bulk and pay pennies for my flowers.

  5. I have some blooming in my garden. Yellow. I’ll have to take a picture later today!


    1. Claudia, I have never seen them in yellow. Linda said she has them in orange, and I have never seen that color either. I am going to have to find the seed mix that contains those colors. Can’t wait to see yours:) Glad you came home to some blooms, must be Don did keep up with the watering. LOL

  6. Hi Dawn! Oh, I love Cosmos and haven’t tried to grow them in years. They are such a delicate flower too. Beautiful beautiful!
    Have a nice Sunday and you’re always a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia, yes they do look delicate but seem to hold up well under any conditions:)

  7. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh I love the soft wispy feel of cosmos! And the beautiful shades of pink with the bright yellow pop! Why am I not growing them? Definitely adding them to my must plant list!

    1. Sharon, yes they are the perfect easy to grow flower. You will want them in your garden for sure.

  8. I love cosmos, but they don’t love me. They just don’t thrive for long with me.

    Yours look beautiful.

    1. Carol, that is to bad. I never even water mine and they do wonderful every year.

  9. I just love those precious little blooms. I’ve never planted them tho. I’m putting them on my list for next year. Love your zinnias too. low maintenance and you can count of blooms for little bouquets

    1. Debra, yes they are both great flowers for cutting and I neglect mine. I never even water them and they do great.

  10. I am always looking for flowers and plants that the deer will not eat….Have never attempted to plant cosmos…I am certainly going to give it a try now…they are beautiful…When we first moved to NC, I had to ask my builder about what the deer do not eat…as I was not used to having deer in my yards in Florida….he quickly answered … “concrete….they do not eat concrete”….

    1. Shirley, LOL I have found they won’t eat zinnias either. This is the first year I have tied a bar of Irish Spring soap to all my fruit trees to keep the deer from eating all the fruit. It is maddening to plant an orchard just to fee the deer. I think next year I will also fence in my garden and hang some soap on the fence. There has to be a way to keep the deer from eating everything. I put to much time and money into it to just feed the deer. Thanks for stopping in today:)

  11. Oh yes, I love Cosmos!
    And Zinnias, too.
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea’s Menagerie

    1. Lea, Thanks for stopping in to see the survivors. LOL

  12. My MIL used to plant Cosmos in a drift, oh so pretty and love the feathery foliage too!

    1. Mary, they are a beautiful flower. I grow them every year, and they faithfully bloom all summer long.

  13. Cosmos and zinnias are two of my faves – so bright and cheerful.

    1. Melanie, Mine to and they never seem to fail. They are so easy to grow. I plant the seeds and let nature do the rest. Easy flowers for someone with no time to maintain them. Thanks for dropping in:)

  14. carole alden says:

    Does anyone have an address where you can order the seeds? I’ve been wanting some for a long time and just moved to the country, we counted 32 deer one day.

  15. Carole Alden says:

    Thank you so much, my son was just able to get the old family farm that used to belong to my aunt and uncle. Every thing is green around here, I need some color. No ones planted flowers or trees in years.

  16. Carole, these would be great flowers to plant, and they are easy to grow.

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