Cottage Style Lamp from a Gargae Sale Find

Most of you saw my Cottage Style lamp a few day’s ago in my Home Office Space.
I thought I would give you a look at it before, and tell you how I achieved the look.
 I found this dark, lovely at a garage sale for $2 and all it needed was a little dusting (which I didn’t do)  What I did do was rip all the black fabric and beads from the shade leaving me with a wire frame.
 I gave the base a coat of “Colonial Red” spray paint and while that was drying I ripped fabric into 1″ long strips.
Make sure you choose a variety of patterns from large to small and a variety of colors to get that cottage feel.

Next step, plop yourself in front of the TV and find a good movie to watch, attaching all those fabric strips is going to take a while.

This size shade took an hour to create.

Tie a fabric strip to the top and the bottom of the shading working all the way around until you reach the desired fullness.

Not only is it a great way to use up fabric scraps, it also turns out pretty darn cute.  This would be a great project for a child’s bedroom.

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  1. That is the cutest thing ever. Do you actually use it? It must look great lit up.

  2. OK, now that’s a real cleaver remake Dawn. Are those some of the fabrics you picked up last week?

  3. Love this Dawn,I’m so happy to see the before and after,This is fabulous!!I want to try this too,soon as I run across and old lamp,I’m gonna copycat!!

  4. What a cute ideal and you are right would look great in a childs room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just love that look! I can hardly believe it’s the same lamp! Beautifully done.


  6. oh my word – soooooo much better after – so bright & fresh & happy! I have a little lamp that I’ve already painted red and I’ve been in collecting mode for happy looking scraps to do just this same thing! my poor little lampshade is looking bare and lonely awaiting those scraps!

  7. Wow…..I love it. The colors are perfect. Hardly looks like the before picture.

  8. very, very, very, cute! I am “pinning” this for future reference. I saw your post over at “Metamorphosis Monday”.

  9. omg, Dawn!! Love it!! This could be on my must-do list…
    Thanks, as always for the best inspiration ever 🙂 -Tammy

  10. This is one of the best “repurposed” items i have ever seen! I would just adore this in my living room…:) Thanks for the post!

  11. Dawn, you wrote that you tore the strips into 1″ pieces . . did you mean 1″ wide? If so, how much longer than the lanp shade did you make the strips?

    I found your post on The Dedicated HOuse.

  12. I think this is the cutest shade I have seen in a long time! I happen to have a couple of shades that could use a facelift. I may just give your method a try!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Adorable, darling and just too darn cute!! I’m now on the hunt for a lamp and shade so I too can work some magic! Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is precious! Love all the bring colors! I have just become a friend and follower!

  15. Oh and I just got rid of a cute lamp shade. I love how your lamp turned out, the colors are great. Now I have to look for another one. Oh well-back to Goodwill!

  16. This is so cute Dawn! I want to try this, I will now be on the lookout for a cheapie lamp!!!

  17. Love this craft! I have two lamps sitting out in the garage awaiting the next sale, but I just might rethink that!

  18. This is so cute and your choice of fabric color and patterns is so perfect.

  19. That’s just so clever, and cheerful! Your whole home is just dreamy. I’m loving looking through your wonderful blog, I found you through Brenda! Just added you to my blogroll, I’ll be visiting often!
    Cheers, Andrea

  20. Love it. Picked up a shade at sales last week with the intention to do “something”. Stripped it down and now am the proud owner of a metal lampshade form. Pinning yours.


  21. Love the look and the fact that it uses scraps of fabric! There are so many different looks you could get depending on the fabric…beautiful!

  22. How incredibly sweet! I love your creativity! What fun colors and prints and such a warm light your lamp must shed!
    Thank you for sharing this darling creation!
    I am happy to become your newest follower!

  23. I saw one made somewhat like this on another blog, however yours is so much cuter! I have a shade I ripped the cover off and have done nothing with it yet. I have been wanting to introduce a little red and red gingham in my home and this is perfect! I am now inspired to get my fabric scraps out and start in! Love this!

  24. Been trying to think of how to redo my lampshades! Thanks!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    So Love this ,the minute I seen it ,had to make it,went into the thrift store bought 2 shades $1.98 ,had bags of scraps free ,1 hour and a half later done.Just beautiful thanks for sharing such a beautiful easy craft.Rhonda

  26. Yvonne Kemp says:

    How much would you sale that for if you were gonna sale it?

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