Cozy Kitchen Pantry Organization

Today I’m joining the Cozy Living Blogging Team hosted by the lovely Jennifer from Town & Country Living sharing our ideas for keeping things cozy this February.

I’ve decided to share with you my walk-in pantry, that’s hard to photograph by the way, it’s a favorite feature in our home and something I’d never be without again if I have a choice.

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My life seems more peaceful and homey when I can keep things in order. Once a year I take everything out of the pantry, wipe down the shelves, and get things back in their place. Over the years I’ve tried different baskets and containers for keeping it organized and I do switch what I use from time to time always looking for the perfect fit.

Before Pantry Organization


I see all those pretty pictures on Pinterest of beautiful pantries but today your going to see a functioning pantry. For me it’s not about looking perfect all the time it’s about creating a space that works for my family and when I say my family I mean me. I’m the only one that does the cooking so I make it functional for myself.

Pantry Cleaning


I’m lucky and have outlets in my pantry and that’s where I keep the toaster, mixer, air fryer, and blender. I like to keep the kitchen counters clear of small appliances so keeping them in the pantry is the perfect spot, and here’s a little tip of mine. I also use the appliance right where they are; no getting them out to use them on the counter top. It’s the perfect fit for me.

Pantry Organization Bins


I like using plastic storage the best. It’s easy to clean, I just pop it in the dishwasher from time to time, it doesn’t rust like metal, and trying to clean wicker is a nightmare. I’ve found the best storage pieces at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and The Container Store. When I find something that fits the space and works I buy several of the same piece and use them all over our cabin.

Organized Pantry


I know not everyone can run out and spend hundreds of dollars organizing a space but here’s a tip: when buying purchase something that’s always available. That way you can pick up one piece here and there and have the entire space match. I’ve found in the big box stores organization pieces come out right after Christmas and seem to flood the shelves through the end of January. So plan and pick up a few containers each week when you hit the grocery store.

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If you’re like me and only reorganize your pantry once a year try hiding the mess behind a curtain. For me I have a glass door so adding a cute and cozy farmhouse style curtain hides it when things get a little out of control. I already had a drop cloth in my stash so I used that as a curtain. Easy Peasy!


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  1. Your pantry is amazing! I dream of having one in our kitchen one day 😉

    1. Danielle its every girls dream thats for sure, LOL.

  2. Totally agree about hiding appliances and minimizing countertop clutter! Looks great, good job 😉

    1. Thanks Lisa it is so nice to have clean countertops all the time.

    1. Carol its such a great space to store everything. I sure frees up cabinet space.

  3. I love a great before and after and your pantry looks amazing! I’ve been working on mine too, but I’m not quite there yet! They can get out of hand quick without the right organization tools!

    1. Doreen, I agree baskets are the trick to keeping it organized. I go through mine once a year and that seems to do the trick of keeping up with it.

  4. Love the ideas and when you move, all you have to do is grab your plastic bins your pantry as they are already packed for you!!

    1. Jeanie you are exactly right and that’s exactly what I do.

  5. This is serious pantry goals! I’ve been wanting to reorganize most of my kitchen and this has totally inspired me. Thanks for sharing! I want my pantry to look just like yours!

    1. Amanda, the kitchen is always the hardest spot to get organized again. We use it every day so it’s the first to get out of control again.

  6. I felt like a new women when i organized and clean my pantry out a few weeks ago ! 🙂

    1. Laura it does feel good to get it done and then stand back to admire before it gets messy again.

  7. Sandy Ferguson says:

    You are one of my favorite bloggers. Always down to earth and good suggestions. Just ordered refrigerate bins who knew thet existed. Just turned a small hall closet into a butler pantry for overflow pots etc. We lived in Midland Michigan for 12 years so you and Dr. Pol are fun to follow. Will try and find a snow ball bush if they can survive South Carolina heat.

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