How to Create a Watercolor from a Photo in PicMonkey

How to Create A Watercolor from a Photo in PicMonkey

If you haven’t been able to jump on the Waterlogue App band wagon, because you don’t own an iphone or ipad but would still like to create beautiful watercolors from your photos you came to the right place.   I created a way for you to make stunning watercolors from your photos using the free version of PicMonkey. Yippeee, right??

Waterlogue in Picmonkey Step 1

All you need to do is follow along with the photo instructions to create your watercolor masterpiece. Step 1 – Open your photo in the Basic Edits section, open Exposure and bump up the brightness to 27, hit Apply.

Waterlogue in Picmonkey Step 2

Step 2 – Open Effects, and Orton, Move the Bloom to 50%, Brightness to 50%, Fade to 30%, and hit Apply.

Waterlogue in Picmonkey Step 3

Step 3 – Effects, open Soften, move Soften 50%, Fade to 50%, and hit Apply.

Waterlogue in Picmonkey Step 4

Step 4 – Effects, open Posterize and move Numbers of Colors to 30, Detail to 100%, Fade to 80%, and hit Apply.

Waterlogue in Picmonkey Step 5

Step 5 – Effects, open HDR move Radius to 1, Intensity to 600%, Fade to 79%, and hit Apply. You should now have a PicMonkey Watercolor. 

Waterlogue App vs PicMonkey

I wanted to show you what this photo looks like using the Waterlogue App and the PicMonkey version. It’s not exactly the same but if you would like to try and create a watercolor and you don’t have an iphone or ipad this is the next best thing. 

How to Create a Watercolor from a photo in PicMonkey

I hope you give it a try and create some beautiful artwork for your blog or home. Enjoy!



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    1. Cheryl, That’s why I created this tutorial not everyone has an Apple device.

    1. Thank you Martina, it takes a few more steps than Waterlogue but it works.

  1. Pretty cool! I have an old iPad and I still can’t order Watercolour only because I can’t update to 7.0. I think I have the first generation iPad. My daughter handed it down to me but I still enjoy using it for other apps. Anyway, I do have PicMonkey premium so I will definitely use this tutorial. Great post, thanks! -Bev

    1. Bev, PicMonkey is a great way to create some pretty unique photos and yes not everyone has Waterlogue so this is the next best thing.

  2. Oh wow!! Excited to use your tutorial & thank you! Goes running to my Callaway Gardens file to have some fun!

    1. Mary, Let me know how it works for you. Enjoy!!

  3. Thank you Dawn for this tutorial, You’re right, it’s not exactly the same thing as you can do with an iPad but it was really fun to try this in PicMonkey as it is the only thing I can use… Thank you again. I also take the chance to congratulate you for your wonderful blog. Love.

    1. Margarida, I agree it’s not Waterlogue for sure but it’s the only free option I could do a tutorial in. Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

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