Creating A Small Art Studio

Small In Home Art Work Space, Log Home, Farmhouse Style, Watercolor Paint Desk

I’ve decided to create myself a small, and by small I mean really small, art studio.  For those of you who may have missed my earlier post about taking up the hobby of watercolor painting you can go back and see what I’ve created HERE. Below you’ll see the photo of how the space looked previously.

Update Furniture With Chalk Paint, Moss Green Painted Desk, Farmhouse Style, Black and White Buffalo Check, Cottage Style, Log Home, Decor Ideas, Office and Living Room Combo

Hobbies are a great thing to have but if you’re like me they’re not done often enough if there’s not a designate spot always set up to do that said hobby.  I love to sew too, but I keep my machine in a cupboard and wait until I have several things to alert, fix, or make from scratch before I drag out the machine and get to work.

Watercolor Paint

Well I really love making my watercolors so I decided if I was going to keep at it on a regular basis I’d need to have everything in one place and ready to go.  I purchased this two-drawer desk years ago for my office but It’s just to small for my needs; so I moved it to the living room over a year ago and placed it in the corner behind the sofa. I really like it there but it served no purpose but now it does.

Small In Home Art Work Space, Log Home, Farmhouse Style, Watercolor Paint Desk

One drawer holds my hobby items; watercolor paper, paint palette, and paints. I added the chicken wire organizer above the desk to clip my artwork too and the bins attached to the bottom hold my brushes.  All I have to do to paint is fill a jar with water and I’m all set to go. 

Small In Home Art Work Space, Log Home, Farmhouse Style, Watercolor Paint Desk

Go ahead and get a good laugh out of what I’m using as a paint palette. Yes you are seeing it correctly; it’s an egg tray. What can I say, I used what I had and it’s ceramic so the paint doesn’t separate like it does using plastic pallets. I now have my own little corner to paint in and when I put everything into the drawer it’s a good spot to do my Bible study.

Small In Home Art Work Space, Log Home, Farmhouse Style, Watercolor Paint Desk

I’d love a big craft room where I can keep all my things out at all times but I also like the tidiness of having things put away.  Maybe some day when we no longer own the business I can turn the office into a craft space.

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  1. Michle Machala says:

    I am very impressed and loved looking at them. I could sense a calm and beauty in each one.

  2. You are so ingenious. Right now my watercolor “studio” is my dining room/kitchen table. So I haul my “creative equipment” back and forth and find that the idea of doing that sometimes stops me from painting. It’s just too cumbersome to put it all out and put it all away. Our house is small and though the guest bedroom is also my office, library and catch all room, it simply can’t catch another thing. I’m going to have to think about this and do some rearranging. Thanks for the idea,

  3. Dawn, I love your posts! I wonder if you could list the essential items that are needed to begin watercolor. I have the desk and a peaceful location with good lighting. Have you ever taken lesson So? Your work is so pretty! You could do this in a post or message. I’d be so appreciative.


  4. Sandy Ferguson says:

    I am so glad you have found watercolors. Having a permanent spot is essential to continue any hobby. And for your first time you are doing great. Glad you chose to use high end paints that does make a difference. Enjoy!

  5. Grace Thomas says:

    you have a talent so good for you for finding the space and the time.

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