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Creating A Cut Flower Garden From Dollar Store Seeds

Cut Flower Garden Using Dollar Store Seeds

I finally got around to using up those flower seeds I purchased from the Dollar Store. The packets of seeds were actually 25¢ each; what a bargain if they germinate.  So far the others I purchased from there are all up and thriving in my containers so I have no reason to believe any different from these. 

I’ve been stalling to get these in. The vegetable garden was more important since we will be eating those items so the flower seed starting was on the back burner. I have no idea why but late yesterday evening in the muggy 85 degree heat I decided to sow them.

Wow was it hot outside; so hot the grass was wet from humidity. If you’ve followed me for long you know I HATE hot weather. I’m a 72-75 degree with a breeze girl and no humidity. But for some reason I had the notion to get the raised bed planted.

Cut Flower Garden Using Dollar Store Seeds

Here’s what I planted:

  • Cleome
  • Snapdragon
  • Zinnia
  • Cosmos
  • Alyssum

I have $1.25 invested in my cut flower garden this year and I have it planted in one of the 8X4 raised garden beds that’s in with my vegetables.  I’m hopeful they will all germinate and grow and for that price it was sure worth a try.

I give the soil a good dose of water, sprinkle the seeds in a wide row, scuff a little dirt over them and wait. To remember what I have planted in each row I added the seed packet to a stake and covered it with a mason jar to protect it from the rain. Once they pop from the soil I may take out the markers, or I may leave them just because I think they look pretty; who know!

I started 25¢ Dollar Store seeds indoors in:

  • Petunia
  • Phlox
  • Moss Roses

And everything germinated and are now planted in containers on my deck.  This will be my forever way of filling my deck pots from now on.  I have spent as much as $400 on flats in the past and I’ll never do that again. Now that I know they are easy to grow from seed it will be my new go to. 

Cut Flower Garden Using Dollar Store Seeds

Ya can’t beat the price and it’s super easy to do; so why not save the money and grow from seed? I’ll be back to show you how the germination process is going soon. It should only take a few days for them to pop out of the soil and before you know it I will have beautiful bloom in the garden. 

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  1. I buy 99% of seeds from The Dollar Store and they grow just fine! Haven’t tried the mason jar trick—great idea!

  2. I love your idea to use the Mason jar as a seed packet protector!! I’ve bought expensive seeds and dollar store seeds and I have to say that I have been more successful with the dollar store seeds. They don’t have a huge variety and so I still have to buy some seeds elsewhere.

  3. Debbie Lorson says:

    Darling idea putting the seed packet on the stick then putting the jar over that. Cannot wait to see the plants grow.

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